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Some learner are very interested in finding out or learning grammar rules and doing lots of grammar exercises. Others hate grammar and think it is the most boring part of learning a new language. Whatever opinion you have, however,you cannot escape from grammar. Of all things we learn about English, most agree that grammar is one of the most challenging as it is a set of relatively complicated rules that explain the structure of a language. However, there are some solutions to address this hardships in learning grammar in English to facilate it. 1.Listening lays the foundation for learning any language and it is the basis of all lessons Because it is the first skill to develop at every level. At first we will not understand when communicating but do not worry, let’s accumulate listening like a child. Listening enables learner to access to tons of structures, vocabulary and ways of using them in different contexts that they can copy and practice in their real life. 2.Watch and learn The best way to learn and practice grammar is to watch movies and television shows in English. In fact, learner will feel at ease while watching something that they are really into and it is because this kind of entertainment give them great opportunities experiences most English skills. For example, they can watch English films with content close to everyday life such as : “ The extra”, “ friends”, or “ How I met your mother,…which have relatively slow and clear speech rates, so it will help us easily access familiar and fixed phrases to apply them in our real life. 3.Read many English books as possible The next thing is that we have to read a lot of books, both have accumulated a rich vocabulary and also help us learn how to organize the organization of forming ideas, forming sentences logically and logically. This may sound strange but in fact all the time you are reading English ( and also listening to English), you are taking in models of correct grammar that will help you in your own writing and speaking. It will help you when you express your ideas and when you come to check your work 4.Know the parts of speech Once we know a lot of new words, the next thing we need to do is learn how to use them in the simplest sentences until the long and complicated sentences. We need to learn how to distinguish the use of words, let’s use words in a variety of terms such as nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs. 5.Look for partners Finding a partners is also an effective way to practice your grammar improvement skills, the best partners must be native because they can correct their ideas in the most reasonable way. In conclusion, we should not be too pressured to learn grammar because grammar study is a long process of accumulation and improvement. However, I believe that, with the ways I mentioned above, learning grammar will become much easier and make learner feel more comfortable.