Teach English in JiAngcun Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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There are many things I wish I’d known before taking this course. One of the main factors would be a twenty-five-year hiatus from being a student proved to be the one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Learning online verses a classroom is indeed different, because the student is ultimately in control of almost every aspect of the learning experience. The other hurdles include no knowledge whatsoever of some of the material offered within this course. I wish I’d known more about grammar. There was quite a lot of emphasis on grammar within this course, and most was never taught to me previously. This proved to be challenging but appreciated in the sense that learning these basic grammar guidelines and rules has helped everyday speech and communication already. Learning how to explain these guidelines within a classroom will be helpful. I wish I’d known more about the methodologies discussed in the course. The engage-study-activate method is something I am sure I’ve been involved in before but was unknown then. A combination of several of the methodologies introduced will give a teacher a great arsenal of options to deliver the lessons their respective classes. Proper execution of elicitation is vital to a teacher in being successful. Keeping the students interested and involved will vary, but with time, a teacher can fine tune these skills to be very productive in keeping the student body active and successful. I wish I’d known more about the major difficulties often associated with pronunciation among foreigners. I would actually say it is known but overlooked and accepted more than corrected. The phonology is a very vast and interesting part of our everyday speech. With being married to a foreigner, I often catch myself helping my wife pronounce words a bit better. The vast difference between her native language {Thai} and English is amazing. In speaking English, we often overlook the intonation we use is speaking, whereas in Thai, intonation can completely change the intent and meaning of words. The phonetic alphabet is something I’ve never seen before but can be a useful tool at home with my wife as well as in a classroom setting. I wish I’d known about the complexity of teaching English as a second or foreign language. The general public often overlooks several key factors in providing these services to their students. Materials needed are often not provided, student motivation is often complicated and distractions are plentiful. As a potential teacher, I realize the importance of being prepared for most situations, having a backup plan to successfully deliver each class, and know I will have to think outside the box in most situations. I did not realize there were so many resources available online for teaching aids, lesson plans, and materials needed to conduct a class. The tables provided in the course will prove to be a valuable resource in the future and for years to come. The online support channels are immense, and offer a vast supply of support, material, and ideas to incorporate into your own personal program.