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Nowadays, many parents want their children to approach and learn English early. This stems from an objective cause when English becomes the language of globalization. Not only that, the training of English for elementary students should be focused, because children at this age can absorb language very well. In this article, we will explore methods for parents to help their elementary school children learn English well. Learning English with children Parents who study with their children like joining an English class will build their children a positive attitude about learning. Studying English together with your child is not only a great way to spend time with your child, but also makes it fun to communicate in a new language. Besides, many parents also feel lack of confidence in communicating in a foreign language. Therefore, if parents show their children that they can overcome the psychological barrier and start speaking a new language, children will learn confidently and begin to speak English despite many mistakes. Play games with children in English Children can learn foreign languages naturally without parents having to guide them through fun activities. Therefore, letting them play games in English is also a way to help them learn better. Popular games like hide and seek or trivia are all very helpful. In other words, let your child learn English the way he or she has learned native language before. Read English stories to your baby before going to bed Nowadays, parents can easily buy English books to read to children before going to bed. This method will be especially effective for parents with good English skills. This will help children remember more different phrases with different contexts much later. The use of illustrated picture books is also very good for children's memory, because they will easily remember when words are accompanied by vivid pictures, pictures. In addition, for parents who are not confident in their pronunciation, English-language audio books read by native speakers are also a good choice. Let children listen to English passively In the same way that babies learn their native language, when they hear a lot in one language, they can absorb and use that language. This is considered an effective way to improve English listening comprehension skills for elementary students. When children hear a word repeated many times, by many different voices, they will learn how to use that word. Foreign television channels or radios are all good choices for this method. Listen and sing English with children Listening to English music regularly can help children get familiar with the language and learn new words and phrases. In particular, with the songs that children love, they can sing along and thereby increase confidence when using English - something that teachers and parents can hardly teach them directly. Moreover, if there is a companionship in listening and singing in English, children will add excitement and from that, learning English becomes interesting and gentle. In addition, English words memorized by children can also help children when meeting grammar lessons at a later stage. Switch the language of home electronics to English Children can learn and remember things they often see around them. Therefore, with devices that children can use such as TV, phone, computer, ... parents can switch the language into English so that children can get familiar with the vocabulary used on the system. However, do not forget to limit the time to use technology with children. In short, learning English in elementary school children is a long process and takes a lot of time and perseverance of both children and parents. The attention of parents for children is a great encouragement for them to constantly make efforts and progress