Teach English in Luhongshi Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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It is very important for teachers to create and maintain classroom management in their classroom settings. First, ESL teachers must seek to build relationships with their students by learning their individual educational needs. For example, teachers teaching business English classes must be aware that their students are different ages and have different lifestyles, and experiences. Many adult students often work full time jobs and are quite tired during evening classes. Teachers should be very aware of such realities and prepare for the classes accordingly. Teachers of young learners must remember that younger students do not retain much information at one time. Teachers should rather provide shorter segments of information for young learners. Building a rapport with students is very important for student engagement. Students are more willing to open up when they are certain the teacher is truly invested in them and their academic growth. The second component to classroom management is being prepared. ESL teachers should always be prepared for their classes. There are a variety of teaching aides and tools teachers can use in their classrooms. Many teachers prefer to use a traditional course books for teaching English. A traditional coursebook provides teachers with a tried and true syllabus. In addition to using a traditional text book, teachers may utilize supplemental materials to support the course book. There are numerous visual aides and role-playing exercises. Today, many teachers are open to using smart devices (smart boards) in the classroom. Before class, teachers should always test the technology prior to the beginning of class, to insure everything is working properly. In addition to smart devices, many teachers create projects for students to complete using video recorders. There are many options for supplemental aides for ESL teachers to use. Unfortunately, many traditional course books may seem boring to ESL students but teachers can add aides to increase their students’ interest. The third component of classroom management is accommodating all students. As ESL teachers we must adhere and understand the importance of this great responsibility. Not all students are the same. Different students have a variety of needs and there are tools to help ESL teachers accommodate the needs of all students. When teaching special groups teachers must remember to motivate all students. All students need and deserve motivation. In addition to motivation, teachers should not over correct their students. Students will make mistakes and over-correcting may cause students to feel self-conscious about their learning abilities. Teachers should also be a mindful that some of their students may experience some sensitivity. To address this reality teachers should create a calm and supportive classroom environment for all students. In addition to supporting sensitive students, teachers should be alert and aware of potential classroom discipline issues. Discipline issues can be managed successfully. Some student discipline issues are caused from outside the classroom. Unfortunately, teachers are not able to do much to solve outside problems. In addition, depending on the age of students, some students may experience peer pressure causing discipline issues. Luckily, all discipline issues can be solved with consistency from the teacher. Why is classroom management important for ESL teachers? Classroom management will support the success of all ESL students. In addition, when teachers implement proper classroom management it will create positive rapport among the teacher and student. All students deserve to learn in a supportive classroom environment and proper classroom management will help teachers achieve this goal.