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English is the most widely spoken language in the world. There is a horde of benefits of learning English in every aspect of life. Therefore, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that parents want their children to learn to speak and write English proficiently. It is not necessary to send kids to an institute where they are taught how to master the language. Instead, they can take some steps at home that can prove to be immensely useful for helping their kids learn English. What are these steps? The writing service experts shared the best out there. Read on to find out: Learn English yourself First things first, you also need to learn English yourself if you want your kids to be good at it. You can create a positive attitude towards speaking and learning English by doing it together with your kids. Also, when children are young, they tend to copy their parents and if you know it, your kids are also going to want to. Play in English It is a given that children will naturally learn everything around them without requiring any adult intervention. In addition, they are more inclined to learning something that is not taught in a classroom environment. One of the best ways of helping your child in learning English is by getting them to play in the language. Introduce games that revolve around it such as Scrabble. You can also play hide-and-seek and even dress-up games and make the learning fun. Encourage reading in English Perhaps one of the most effective ways that children can learn English is through reading. It can improve their vocabulary, teach them the meaning of context and also help them in understanding grammar in the best possible way. You can buy them good books in English, especially ones that have interesting plotlines as this will keep them invested and encourage them to continue. Watch English movies and shows As aforementioned, making the process fun can go a long way in helping your child learn English. Watching movies and shows in English is one such way and is actually a better option than learning the traditional way. This is because there is a huge difference in learning the language and being exposed to it. Children get exposure to the rhythm and sounds of English rather than just getting explicit instruction. Through movies and TV shows, they understand how people speak English in various accents and this can help in learning the language. Urge them to listen to songs and poems If your child enjoys using gadgets, you can use it to your advantage by getting them to listen to poems and songs on their smartphones. You can find an endless list of good options on YouTube and just put them on for your child. After listening to something a couple of times, it is completely natural for children to start humming along initially, sing along to the chorus and eventually memorize the entire lyrics. Rhyme and music can be quite beneficial because it teaches children about using pitch, full sentences, and intonation. Plus, it can also give their confidence a good, solid boost as they will not hesitate in pronouncing new words and will learn new ones. The key is to remember that pressurizing is not going to get the results you want; English is not easy to master and it is going to take time. But, as long as parents are supportive and consistent, children will be able to learn the language gradually. Putting them into classes is good but they also need exposure and should practice verbally. For classes, you can consider Communicate School.