Teach English in Nanqiao Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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In the last few months I have begun teaching English in Peru. I have been working with kids as young as four years old and as old as thirteen. I definitely have put to good use a lot of things I have learned in the previous ITTT courses I took, but I must say, nothing prepares you for the real deal. The age of the group definitely will determine the type of work you will do and the resources you will use to teach the class. Working with four and five-year-old is a lot of fun because they are so spontaneous and innocent that they make everything fun and funny, but it does get exhausting do to the fact that they have a short attention span. Sometimes they get to class and they are so hyper that it is super hard to get them to concentrate, the first few days were the hardest since I had to figure out what method to use on them to get them to relax a little, after the first four classes I finally figured it out, coloring, boy do they love coloring, I started by printing them color by number, the number one to five, and I would choose five different colors to start with. This way we learned five numbers each class and this also helped us review all the color and all the numbers each class. I also would teach them animals using an app I downloaded that would make the animal song, they would love playing the sounds and would take turn playing the sound and guessing the animals. With this age group I definitely needed to have lesson plan with lots of different activities and some extra do to the fact that I would have to work around their energy level. I would do everything through games with them. Working with kids that are in middles school was totally different, although they are more mature, they are easily distracted, they are at an age where they want to talk all the time with each other. This age group however was easier to work with because I would be able to explain to them the activity and they would be able to work on that activity a lot longer than the little ones, with them I also used a lot of games, this would keep the class fun and it made them always want to come back. I found out that with an older age group I could pick a large amount of action verbs for example and each class work the same action verbs in different games so this way they would memorize the action verbs and the different forms. The past few months have been a lot of learning and gaining hands on experience, I am glad I took this ITTT course because it helped me make a lesson plan, it helped me have the resources needed to be able to teach a class. This course helped me learn teaching technics and how to deal with different classroom scenarios.