Teach English in Qiliqiao Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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There are very many benefits for teachers who choose to teach English online instead of in a traditional classroom setting. English is an international commodity, and there are a billion people right now who are learning English. By teaching English online, it enables the teacher to make a real difference in student’s lives, whether they are studying for a specific test to get into a U.S. university, need to do an interview for school or a job, need to communicate with others within their company in English or even if their family is emigrating to an English-speaking country. If you teach English online, you not only have 24/7 access to potential students, you also have the flexibility to build your own schedule around your other life responsibilities. You also have the flexibility to choose if you would prefer to teach young learners, teens or adults, as well as choose whether to work independently or through an online school. Many online institutions are looking for English teachers with practical experience for their employees, so you can build from your own life experiences. With ever –present internet access, there are plenty of options of online faculty groups who are there for support and ideas, so even though you may work from your home, you are not alone in your endeavor. Teaching English online allows a teacher to interact with people from across the world, something that would be very expensive to experience if he/she were to travel to all of those countries. As you teach students from different countries, you are able to experience a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. The investment is low to teach online, as you only need a computer, some good-quality headphones and access to Skype or Zoom. There are also great benefits for online teachers in that they do not need to worry about the commute, traffic or driving in bad weather. Plus they will save on paying for gasoline. There is no dress code as long as a teacher is well-groomed and well-dressed for the parts the student can see on the computer screen. I will focus the rest of this essay around teaching individuals online, and how it benefits both the teacher and the student. In an online lesson, the teacher can elicit discussion from the student, making it easy to see comprehension levels, and therefore, the teacher can correct issues immediately. A one-on-one situation also takes away the possibility for behavior issues, and consequently, the need for classroom discipline. There are generally many fewer rules in an online lesson, and that allows a teacher to focus on ongoing needs that can pop up during the lesson. Online English lessons can be very helpful for shyer students in that they do not need to worry making mistakes in front of other students. Students are generally in their home, office or other familiar place for an online lesson, which helps to make them more comfortable that in a classroom. It is helpful to find out what is going on in their country and their lives so as to focus the lesson plans around what interests them. Asking questions during the initial interview/lesson lets the teacher know the student’s reasons for wanting to learn English, how they use or need to use English in their current lives or future endeavors, and how often they already use English. As a teacher thinks about a student’s common, specific errors, he/she can plan around pronunciation, specific tense issues, etc. Besides all of the benefits stated above, more than anything I believe that building global community can change the world. By teaching English online to students from countries we have never been to, teachers can build strong relationships with students of many nationalities. If online English teachers take the time to connect with their students, we can truly create growth in international understanding, one student at a time.