Teach English in SAnjing Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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Grammar is always present in our lives. Since elementary school when we learn the grammar of our native language. This been said, it is a hundred percent positive that we will find grammar again every time we start to learn a different language. As teachers, most of us love to teach vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing but when it comes to grammar we do not feel so excited about it. In my case, and I’m not the only one, I truly enjoy teaching this part of language. For me teaching grammar is challenging, passionate and rewarding. From my experience I can truly state that teaching grammar can present a big challenge when teaching a language. Having said that, it does not mean is impossible or terrible. Teaching grammar represents a very important stone in students’ process of building this new language in their minds. This is why they feel the necessity to completely understand the grammar but end up crashing against a huge wall of uncertainty and doubts. In order to prevent this, any good teacher must find many strategies on how to teach grammar to the different types of students in their different ages and circumstances. When a teacher finds a way to simplify the headache of grammar is when he or she overcomes this challenge. After winning the grammar challenge a teacher feels fulfilled and this can be recognized easily in the way this teacher acts when teaching grammar. Once I found different ways to simplify the basic grammar lessons for beginners I benefit from every time somebody asked me anything about it. I honestly felt so happy about it that I wanted to share that gained knowledge with my students. I would not mind teaching the same rules over and over again any time they asked me. I actually found even better ways to teach the same rules after explaining them for a while. I even started to notice that the way I taught grammar was influencing my student’s acceptance responses. Continuing with this line of grammar appreciation, after the challenging and passionate part comes the rewarding phase. Every time my students felt good about each new grammar rule, with this I mean that they understood and did not have further questions, they would start teaching their classmates any time they had a doubt about something they already cleared out. This made of the classroom a better place to go and learn. By doing this, the students retained more knowledge in their minds and this is the knowledge that stays the longer. Watching this scene day after day was what I call a rewarding feeling. Observing how my efforts to teach them were having their fruits was everything I needed as a teacher. All things considered, grammar is always there when we talk about language so there is no way that us as English teachers can escape from it. We just need to do our best to be better prepared at the time of teaching grammar lessons and when our students come up with doubts cause that is when learning occurs for them, when we clarify their thoughts. By overcoming the challenge of simplifying grammar rules and teaching it with passion we will feel very rewarded at the time we see the fruits of those efforts.