Teach English in SAnkoutang Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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Back when I was a kid, I did not understand the importance of learning English. Since I was born in South Korea, I lived my life thinking English as just a bonus when learning it in school. Obviously now, how I perceive of English is quite different. When I immigrated to The United States as a kid, I remember regretting not doing my best in English class. However, even when regretting as a child, my eagerness to learn English was not necessarily because of its importance. It was because I needed to speak English in The United States to communicate with my peers and further my education here. It was not until I traveled back to South Korea that I finally realized the importance of English as a Global Language. During summer of my third year attending university, I traveled to South Korea because I became curious about teaching English as a foreign language abroad. When I was there, I met my nieces who were and are currently learning English. I did not realize how early children studied English at the time. Because of the realization, I spoke with many people in South Korea, and the consensus was that learning English is a must in children’s education development. In hindsight, I should have been aware of this because I have met many foreign friends in university studying with me for the same reason as mentioned before. During this trip, I also met up with a childhood friend. Initially, we spoke in Korean. However, as time went on, we started to converse in English. When he asked me about his English fluency, I realized he was very sensitive about using English out in public. In my opinion, I thought he spoke it just as well as anyone I encountered living in the US. When I mentioned this, he was quite happy and reassured of his English ability. This made me realize that for people who learn English in foreign countries, this matters a lot. If you ask any Americans about how they feel about their speaking ability, I would imagine most people would be nonchalant about it. For us living here, it is just a language we use every day to communicate. However, for people in countries like South Korea, they need this to boost their resume for schools and jobs. This is something quite important for them in this global world. With the increase of social media and outsourcing, the world is becoming more global by the minute. This trend is significant to a point that being able to communicate with people from other countries is an essential skill to possess. I do not believe that one must learn English in order to communicate with others. Nonetheless, it is true that when discussing the most global language, one language constantly mentioned is English. Because of this fact, there are many government programs and English academies worldwide specifically constructed for this mission. I am not an exception to this global event. I am currently sitting here and writing this essay to improve my resume so that I can teach English abroad. When I search online about English teaching jobs abroad, there are numerous new listings that pop up every day. After seeing this, I do not believe this trend will end. I believe English will continue to be the global language at least during my life time.