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To many of us in the 3rd world countries (my country Malaysia being one) education is the ticket to a better life, a means to get out of the rut and vicious cycle of poverty which means low or no education which leads to lowly paid jobs which leads to poverty. Many parents, especially from the lower to lower-middle-income families, harbor the dream that one day their children will graduate as a professional whether doctor, lawyer, accountant, or an IT engineer or analyst. All highly paid and prestigious jobs. To this end, it is not uncommon to hear of parents sacrificing their only property or savings to finance their children's university education. Having a highly paid job will help a poverty-stricken family to break away from the vicious cycle and uplift the whole family from poverty to a more comfortable level of living, higher social status in the community, not to mention a source of joy and pride to the whole family, Conversations during social gatherings, like a wedding reception, anniversaries, birthday functions and even at funerals invariably turns to the subject of children's success in colleges and universities. Hence it is understandable that in my part of the world parents will go all out to ensure that their children get a head start in their school career by enrolling in a good and reputable school never mind the distance from home. As these schools are very competitive with limited places, prospective students will have to sit for a special entrance exam. Parents would have prepared their children from day one by sending them for tuition classes. Simple as they are these parents know their limitations. They played their role in motivating and encoraging and preparing their children but they know it is only half of the equation. The other half of the equation comes from teachers and schools. Both parents and schools must be partners to ensure success for the child. In fact one philosopher George Santayana said: "A child educated only in school is an UNEDUCATED CHILD. When both parents and school are inspired to facilitate learning, children are the winners. The role of parents in education cannot be over-emphasized. A child spents about 5 to 6 hours in school. But the longer hours are spent at home. It is here that the child needs the parents guidance and nurture and structure to balance what they may have learn in school. Parents can help their children in the home environment by being role models for their children. Be an exemplar. Passed on the good qualities to the children. Do not show negative qualities like cursing at other drivers while driving with the children. Obey the traffic rules. Parents role in education has not been overlooked and the important role they are playing is recognised by UNESCO when it declared November 18 to be PARENTS DAY. In fact research suggest that "adult support may be the single most important aspect of how children succeed in school and in life." Abraham Lincoln too voiced out on the importance of adult involvement in education when he remarked that " I CAN ONLY SAY THAT I VIEW IT AS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT WHICH WE AS A PEOPLE MAY BE ENGAGED IN"