Teach English in ShuAngpaiyangmingshAn Linchang - Yongzhou Shi

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I am an English teacher for preschool children in a small village. My students are really excited about the new English subject. However, after a period of studying they become drowsy and distracted. "This is really hard" or "why don't we play games?", My student said. I have found that traditional teaching methods make children feel bored and hard to absorb. So why don't we use games in the classroom? I tried applying some preschool games to the lesson, my students were really happy and excited about the games. In fact, an English lesson usually lasts from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Therefore, the traditional lessons will make students and teachers feel tired. Activities during the lesson will also be repetitive, making students no longer interested. And even when the teacher has a great lesson plan, you will waste your time on tedious activities. Therefore, the emergence of games in the classroom is essential to help the classroom become more lively and fun. Right from the warm up, teachers can use games to check old vocabulary and grammar. By playing the game, students also gain more energy and feel happier before starting a new lesson. This is an important factor to help the class comfortably and quality. Teachers can apply the game to vocabulary and grammar lessons. Through the game students will remember vocabulary faster and be able to practice grammar in the most natural way. This is a great help for learning English communication of each student. The most important thing is that memorizing vocabulary will no longer be confined by through game activities students can remember vocabulary in class easily and happily. By games, the students intelligence and creativity will be greatly stimulated. Students will be motivated to learn, strive and pay more attention. Group games help students become more connected and more responsible. From there, it will promote the ability to lead and manage the group for each student. With the games, teachers will have lots of great ideas so that the English lessons will not be boring. The idea of the game also stimulates teacher creativity to help teachers gain more knowledge. By playing games, teachers can understand each student's psychology and personality to help them have the best learning method. This is also a way to help teachers and students more connected. Games usually last from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Therefore, teachers can use from 2 to 3 activities in their lessons. However, to get the best results, teachers need to choose the right time to apply the game. In order to achieve high results, teachers need to be responsible, invest in lectures and plan lessons for each student's age. Teachers need to change games regularly so students don't get bored. Class activities and games are the most effective method for students to master the lesson. Games are important in learning English because it helps students to be more creative, fun and agile. Learning English through games will also be easier and more natural. Believe that, with games, students will have fun and quality English classes.