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The main question here is that could outdoor activities impact on English learners?. As learning is a dynamic action every where could be a place for learning such as class room, garden, yard even bus and subway in other words , we do not have any limitation for learning as long as there is willing or interest about that.historically ,most of the class were hold in classroom and learners had to stay in classroom and study over there . Nowadays, everything have changed ,teachers trainers and linguistic scientists do not believe that the classes only should be hold in the classroom or indoor but also they believe that both indoor and outdoor class could be hold according to the student’s need. according to the studies there are some positive impacts on student who take outdoor class or activities ,some of them are as follows; 1) Better grade Its said that in outdoor activities ,student’s cognitive abilities and thinking abilities are better developed than indoor so for English learner are not exceptional and its is true about them as well then it helps English learners to get the concepts better and act better during English class. 2)Learning outdoor is fun Teaching and learning outside is fun . often the outdoors provide a change of place from classrooms ,which student and teachers enjoy .studies have shown that student have much more enthusiasm for learning outside in other words there are so much motivation then teacher can use this motivation to teach better and let the students enjoy of lesson and environment . 3) Learning outdoor healthy We all know that getting up and moving around outside is not only good for students but necessary for their heath some studies found out outdoor education can be a key factor in avoiding student obesity . therefore if we as English language teachers want our student to be healthy and attend in the class and keep learning we should take responsibility about their healthy so we need schedule as many as we can outdoor activities during our course. 4)Learning outdoor support child development Children greatly benefits developmentally from being outdoors.studies have shown that student who learn outdoors develop as sens of self ,independence ,creativity ,decision -making and some other benefits ,therefor when students obtained the benefits above mentioned benefits will help both English learners and teachers during the class do their best on one had student will get the concept much easier and on the other hand teachers can teach with less difficulties and every things could go smoothly . 5) improved memory Experience something new and unfamiliar which release dopamine in the brain where memories are created . Obviously ,classroom where day in and day out the light ,temperature ,layout , and scenery are always the same , but moving outside opens up a world of fresh stimuli for the sense that have amazing power to lock into the brain and secure whatever information was being learned at the time along with. therefore in such places where make English learners fresh and alert so teachers could teach the lessons so easily and student’s brain is ready to get whatever teachers teach moreover , teachers can take advantage from this situation and teach some subjects which seem a bit hard to understand in traditional classes . 6) Increase motivation . According to to the studies a significant amount of students showed enhanced enthusiasm about learning outdoor which is along with activities .moreover they found out that positive effects on the student’s motivation levels carried out over to traditional learning . as we all know one of the teacher’s responsibility is motivating the student to act well in learning English so if we hold an English class outdoor we already have the student’s motivation and teachers need to be alert about these knowledge and lead the student tobetter learning situation . If teachers according the lessons provide relevant outdoor activities and let the student learn it in nature as it above mentioned there would be a lot of benefits and advantages for both student and teachers . For example depends on the topic we could talk the students to the park,library,university,and teach them vocabulary or grammar about the place we are at . All in all. As it above mentioned outdoor class and activities could have positive impact on student who learn English in other words learners could take so much advantages from outdoor activities which help them be successful at learning ,i just mentioned some of factors which could be beneficial for students absolutly we could name more outdoor activities that have positive effect on the English learners .nowadays , more schools hold summer camp or winter camp for English learners so they have figured out outdoor class and activities help student to behave better in classes and reduces some difficulties which are in indoor classes.