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A teacher may simply be described as a person who helps people to learn. A teacher often works in a classroom. There are many different kinds of teachers. Some teachers teach young children in kindergarten or primary schools. Others teach older children in middle, junior high and high schools. A career may also be said to be an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Development may be look at by first stating what it means to develop. To develop is to grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate. The process of developing or being developed or the state of advancement may be described as development. A teacher career development may there be referred to as the ability or the opportunity for the person who help people to learn as an occupation for a significant period of that particular person’s life to become more mature or grow or advance. In other words, David who teaches only English and works as a private teacher on his own, after he works for a specific a certain number of year may decide to advance so he would be able to teach Business English. If David is able to pursue and upgrade to that level and gets certified as qualified. Then David the teacher can be said to have develop in his career. Why is it important? From the definition of the term Teacher career development above, it could clearly be observed that without it the teacher obviously become stagnated, outmoded (old fashioned) and more. In David’s scenario (as indicated above) without career development in his teaching he would have probably taught English for all of his teaching career. The importance of teacher career development may therefore be categories into three main dimensions: for the teacher himself, the school he works for and the learners or students to whom he shall impact the knowledge or skill from advancement to. The following are some of the importance to the teacher, the school and the learners. Firstly, the teacher, a proper career development will make the teacher have confidence and complete control over all the activities in classroom and to some extent over activities in the teaching or learning environment. To teach with confidence is to teach knowing that you’re in prime with respect to the knowledge level or skill, technology, current or latest material and methodologies required for teaching. Once the teacher is assured aware of this, he becomes natural relaxed in the class as well. To the teacher, career development may also help him develop his potential (whether hidden or obvious). In the earlier mentioned scenario, the advancing to the business English meant he is venturing into another important area of his career where he might probably not have taught of at the initial stages of his teaching career. Secondly, the school. The teachers career development may benefit the school center or the authority to which the teacher is offering his service. The benefit may be to help the school planned succession successfully, maintained good image, and attract best talent. The school may get to use the teacher they have develop for positions now or later in the future. Thirdly, the learners, they will benefit from career development as the developed teacher may be teaching them with the best of latest or current knowledge, skill, methods, technology in this case the students without hesitation le\ran with ease and take delight in the fact that he is in best hands. This will also be evident in the abilities of the students after any given lessons. In conclusion, the teacher career development whether through online or onsite when taken by the teacher would make available to the teacher many opportunities and also reaffirms the teacher’s membership or affiliation to a specific professional organization or body which will eventually culminates into the operationalization of the teachers set plans.