Teach English in Tushi Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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In the world, there are many different professions that people dream of. If you ask someone to name some of them, they probably would say something like a doctor, teacher, singer and so on. When I was a child, my dad wanted me to become a teacher. He thought that becoming a teacher was a great job. Not just him, but many other people also thought so. It has always been like that. Back then, I was too young to understand the reason. But now that I have become a teacher, I am starting to realize why my dad and everyone else liked it. Every individual needs someone to point them in the right direction in their life. That special someone could be their parents, teachers or friends. It's often the teachers who are the ones who influenced them most. So I believe being a teacher is a wonderful privilege to influence someone's life other than their parents. When I graduated from college, I thought, finally I am a teacher now. But I was wrong. I had my diploma, but I was far from becoming a real teacher. I thought knowing your subject well is all that matters. Yes, it matters, but it is not the whole thing. There is much more to being a teacher than being knowledgeable in a subject. Teachers play several roles such as guardians, caretakers, instructors, learning facilitators, mentors, inspirations, etc. A good teacher does not only teach knowledge but also helps her/his students to build a moral foundation in their lives and discover future potential. Because of mainstream culture, it is often hard to gain confidence or acceptance of our own self-worth. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to understand their own self-worth and to gain confidence. I strongly believe that one role of a teacher is to be a positive influence. Once a teacher builds an authentic relationship with her/his students, the students can open up and share their hurts, reveal their feelings, be honest with their failures, disclose their doubts, admit their fears, and acknowledge their weaknesses. I understand that not every teacher earns their students` trust. Probably some people would not agree with my ideas about teachers` roles. That is fine. It is just my opinion. In my life, I had a teacher who had a great impact on my life. I was a young woman without a purpose. I only wanted to learn music from her. And I did. But more importantly, that teacher helped me to find myself and discover my strength. She is just an ordinary teacher yet she helped me to live with a purpose. I learned from her about self-discipline. I think she was a very wise teacher. She helped me realize that it is never too late to learn. I did not become a musician. Instead, I have become a teacher. She speaks different languages and she influenced me that way as well. She made me love learning new languages. Now, I get excited whenever I have new students in my life. I always enjoy being a private tutor. It gives me a chance to be part of my students` lives and be a positive role model. I am confident that even a short amount of time with my students can make a big difference in their lives.