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Games are seen as time wasted. According to me, it is a pointless prejudice. Because some people suppose playing games in the classroom can only be as computer games; on the contrary, games in classroom are more instructive for the self-improvement of students. Meanwhile, the research has shown that the games in classroom affect students positively; such as having more motivation, having a controlled competitive environment, strategy simulator, peer positive, less stress, enhanced memory, class cooperation and new knowledge. We will see how games are important in our education. Firstly, the games in the classroom motivate students to learn, pay attention and participate in set tasks. For example, in a speaking lesson, students are learning new words which can be used at a restaurant and in an airport etc.if they memorize without playing any games as role-playing they cannot learn the new words and cannot memorize them for the long term. Also, they can't speak, express their feelings and can make students stress more. But if they improve their speaking skills with playing a game at a lesson and make practice the words they learnt words, students can learn new words more effectively. Because by this way students learn how to use and how to use it. Next, the teacher should know whether the games in the classroom fits the age and the level of students or not. Otherwise, games may affect students negatively. For instance, if the game that is designed for teenagers is played by children, this may affect them negatively. Secondly, the games in the classroom are a more effective method of teaching and learning. For example, a teacher who teaches students modals ( can, could, might, should etc) can get students to play the game (gap fill, the complete sentence with modals etc) at the lesson, the students may comprehend more and the games may amuse them. Meanwhile, the students need to work together as a team while they playing a game with each other. This provides cooperation, building respect and ability to listen to others. Next, the students want to move quickly without understanding during playing game, they pay no attention to details and it leads to making a mistake. Therefore, the games require students to pay great attention to details. While the students are playing a game in the classroom, their endorphin hormone is producing that stimulate the brain and gives students a feeling of euphoria. The europian hormone creates a great sense of happiness and excitement for students in the classroom. With playing game develops positive learning and teaching environment. if there are strategies in a game, students are to use their working memory to solve problems, increasing their mental cognition. Learning in the brain will materialize more effective and students' memory is to learn so as not to forget. In conclusion, we can understand how important games are in the classroom. Playing games in the classroom may affect students positively and negatively. Moreover, the games affect their as cognitive and physical development. Also, the most important aspect of their contribution is the motivation for students. References Murphy,R.(2007).English Grammar in Use. Cambridge University Press, UK Hewings, M.(2013). Advanced Grammar in Use.Cambridge University Press, UK Koçyiğit,S.,Tuğluk,M., Kök,M.(2007).ÇOCUGUN GELİşİM SÜRECİNDEEGİTSEL BİR ETKİNLİK OLARAKOYUN.İstanbul