Teach English in Zhuguansi Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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I am a teacher from Uzbekistan. I have successfully completed the 60-hour TEFL course. This course was very useful to me. I have improved myself in teaching career which gave me a fruitful effect with my students after every unit I accomplished. I remember myself couple of years before where I was scattered in teaching ESL students. I was advised to attend the course which I do not regret and editors of this course have done the great job to lead the ESL teachers all over the world for standard teaching as in English speaking countries, the way of authentic thoughts and cultural bases. Thank you all. Today is about to do the Summative Task. I have chosen the title of “How to build a successful teaching career”. First point, from my experience, teachers should work on their improvement skills which makes them pillars of the schools in the future. I advise that young teachers should be guided by experienced ones for the future of their own, students, schools and the country. I guess the social level of the teachers are different in every country. It could be motivational for the teacher himself to improve the teaching skills or just flow with others as it is not necessary because the salary is not enough for putting efforts. Second point, schools should organize teaching methods perspectives for particular subject teachers. And they should learn from each other. Attend each-others classes. So the schools will work out the own way of teaching. Like in my previous school teachers were not so willing to do the activity work where the lesson plans were copied from the leading teachers. And a few teachers were working and loving their job which make me admire the hard-working people and I followed their way. Because pupils know your level comparing with other teachers. Even after graduating the school they can remember and be thankful to you for their achievement. Teacher who respects himself will work for own career improvement. Third point, assorting students according to their level of knowledge and give them proper education. Where teachers can measure their goals to a particular class for the period of time of schooling. Where it gives massive methodology to handle pupils and transform their knowledge in effective way. In this case students will participate more with the vivid willingness to be the best and have peaceful mind to obtain more knowledge, from my experience. Fourth point, after all the methodology should be right. Teachers shouldn`t dominate the students. Students are more creative in certain age, needs just management from teachers to accomplish the task in class. From this course I have learned ESA methodology which is very effective to my students. When they are free to think and cooperate with their classmates. I am designing my class where everybody gets something for himself in the particular stage of the lesson. Especially visual learners get more excited. Finally, teachers should dedicate themselves to build the future of one nation with their cultural background. Raise up humans who could contribute with the knowledge and skills in the society.