Teach English in Baitang Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Education is very important for each of us. English language is now a worldwide language and we can hear this language almost everywhere we go. Whether it is an ordinary holiday or some working seminar. Simply, we hear English language all over the world. Some people start to study it sooner, some people study later. But it is very important to start teaching English language and not even English language but another languages at the beginning of our lives so that is the main reason why it is important to teach English in kindergarten. I have taught English in kindergarten and I worked in kindergarten for more than two years so for me it was a pleasure to work on this certificate and gain some new information because people learn, study and educate themselves for the rest of our lives and I am not an exception. This certificate has given me a lot of new, valuable information that I can use in my next teaching. It is not easy to teach young children. Especially in kindergarten when they barely speak their native language and when we think about that they have to even speak and learn another language. We can think about this and we really do find out that this can be for a small kid very difficult. But there are ways we can use in order to practice English language with them. And in lot of cases, they maybe do not even realize that they learn because we do it in a form of playing, activities, singing. If we think about that that in kindergarten we have children from two to six years old we should take it easy and do not have such big expectations. First of all, we should be very friendly and open to them. We really must gain their favor and attention in order they will coo-porate with us and willing to do some activities. But music and singing is a very good way to do this. We can take the song „Old McDonald had a farm“ where we teach children new vocabulary in an animal world. But that is not the only thing we can teach them by singing. They can learn the sounds of the animals. If we sing together with the kids „Old McDonald had a farm, E. I. E. I. O., and on that farm he had a pig, E. I. E. I. O., with an oink oink here and an oink oink there, here an oink there an oink...“ we see that if we repeat this, the kids already know the name of the animal which does this sound and they already know the sound of the animal. And this is only one animal. We can do this with a lot of animals. The kids can even mime some animals so they even have some physical movement. And the best thing of this is that those kids are having fun in this case, they sing, they learn and probably do not even realize that, they do some movements so they do some activity. But this is only a one way of many. We can use English language for example if we are in a museum with kids and if there are stairs, we can start counting the stairs once we use them. Another simple example is when we are in a city with kids and we walk to a park and they see a traffic lights. We can use this and explain them that if they see a red colour, they should wait, if they see an orange, they can prepare and when they see a green light, they can go. And we can use this colours to teach them those colours in English language. And we can do this in much more cases. I have a lot of experience with this and I can confirm that this works. And do not be afraid to make fun of yourself with kids. When we teach kids in some sense we should become a one of them and play with them, do what they do and be as visual as possible to them so they can see us and they can rely on us. Do not be afraid of this. And always be positive to the kids. It helps them a lot if we praise them. Do not have big expectations, they are small but they can learn and you can be surprised. So to teach them some basic colours, countings from one to ten or some songs and animals. This is a huge thing for them even if it seems that it is not enough. Because in reality, it is more than enough and they already speak something. And the best thing is when your small kids grow up, leave a kindergarten and then after a year come to visit you and they start to speak something in English, that is the best thing that can happen to any teacher because he/she sees that what he/she does has some effect and that it is worth it.