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In education intelligence is not the only factor but maybe one of the most important one. Regardless, there are many factors effects the children's education such as financial situation, social structure, even depend on whether it is developed country or developing country. However the role of the parents can not be ignored. As it is important as intelligance. Because children like to imitate what their parents do, parents should be more aware what they are doing in order to avoid negative situation. For instance if parents do not interest in their children' situation at school children will realize this and they begin not paying attention to their education like their parents do. Unfortunately this will bring failure and this failure will bring chaos to the house. On the other hand this imitation may lead to positive situations. For instance, the more interested parents with their children's education, the more interested students with their education too. As we all know everything starts with family and also our first teacher are our parents. We learned lots of things from them and we still are. For instance we learned our native tounge from our parents. So we can consider them our first language teachers. Anyway we learned many different things such as not to use bad words, be paticence, be kind, not telling lies etc. And they prepare us for the formal education which refers to school. When I went to school, I started to realize that the world was not like a wonderland which I had expected. I thought that I would play everytime and everywhere. But in time I understood that I had to be evaluated by the system if I would like to be successful. And while trying to understand what should I do, my parents helped me. And they never obliged me to do things that I do not want. That’s why I decided to be an english teacher. Moreover every parent should be aware of 'their children' are not actually belong to them. Parents role is to raise children in a good way. Instead of taking their hopes for the things that the children want, they should encourage them to go for their dreams and hopes. Beyond everything, parents should keep the wishes of the children prior to anything else. Before the parents’ plans for the kid, a kid’s plan for himself or herself plays a significant role during his or her life. It is essential for parents to not to forget this sequence. Just because they want children to do so, parents ought not to impel their children to do things that they do not want to do. My intention by saying this is parents should not be so harsh on their chidren but not so neglected as well. They need to find out a balance for the sake of both sides. As for another aspect, financial situation also plays a significant role in children’s education. Not every family can provide private, good, efficient education for their child. But they shouldn’t let this excuse come across in their way. Recently, nearly half of the young learners don’t want to study because they think it is unnecessary. But no matter what the challenge is, at all cost family should support the child without making excuses for education. They should try to push every opportunity to afford the education. Financial situtation can also be triggered by the society that you live in. Social structure in this subject is as important as financial situtation and parents’ behaviour. In society, every individiual is evaluated by a universalistic code. So while family prepares children for school, school prepares children for society. Another fact about the society is in some countries education is still a matter of gender. Society genderalized the education and don’t let female genders to go to school for education. Families don’t want to send their daughters to school as if it is wrong or some kind of sin. Society must be equal for both gender but still in 21th century, we are exposed these kind of situations. The tragicomic part of this problem is no matter how a female wishes to go to school, her parents do not allow her to go. Gender issue can be seen clearly because when their son wants something, it happens very quickly. For education there shouldn’t be any gender limitation. To conclude my ideas,a well raised child should be aware of his/her responsibilities, his/her behaviours and do his/her homework not because it is oblige by parents but because s/he is aware of doing his/her homework is under his/her responsibility. The other important point is financial situation. Not everyone's financial situation is so well but for instance if a child wants to go to university parents should do their best for him/her. But of course I am not saying they should be too harsh to themselves. But they can try to find a scholar for him. Another important point is social structure. Unfortunately in some countries parents do not want to send their doughters to school as if it is a sin. Not only intelligence but also these factors that I’ve mentioned above play important role in children’s education.