Teach English in Changshou Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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What personal qualities are important for English teachers? The English language is widely spoken, it has been referred to as the lingua franca of the modern epoch and it is the most taught language in the world. The reasons why people want to learn English differ, some just want to improve their English language and some want to pursue a career abroad. The learners have different motivations, interests and skills. Nevertheless the most important reason for learners is that it broadens the opportunity of getting employment all over the world. An experienced English teacher can help you in learning and improving your listening, pronunciation, writing, and reading skills. In a classroom with diverse cultures and skill levels, it is important that the teacher strives to understand each of their students and support them along in their journey to learning English. But what personal characteristics are important for English teachers? There are a couple of essential qualities that can help learners in studying and improving their English language. 1. A lot of patience All students are different, they differ in skill level, culture, motivation, interest and some of them learn quicker than others. All these aspects require a sense of awareness of time and patience from the teacher. A timely teacher would know when it is applicable to encourage their students to work harder or when to accelerate assignments to completion. To be able to do this, the teacher needs to be aware of their students’ progress and level as well as the class’ progress and level. Teaching should be done at a pace in which most students are comfortable with but in a way that students are still appropriately challenged. Teachers should be tactful and never rush their students through the coursework as this can discourage students from learning. 2. Good listener An effective English teacher is not only knowledgeable and skilled but a good active listener. Good listening skills are needed to develop empathy and understanding with the students and being able to support and encourage them to progress. It also helps the teacher to have a strong understanding of who the students are, where they are in their academic journey and to assess whether they understand what they are being taught. The teacher can use the required information from listening to tailor the lessons to their students interest areas, to support them in difficulties and to understand cultural differences. 3. Build rapport The next important thing after being a good listener is being able to build rapport with students within a classroom. This builds trust between the students and the teacher, ignites confidence and support in the students, and allows for a fun and effective functioning classroom. 4. Adaptability For an English teacher it is important to be adaptable in every situation. Most of the English teachers teach abroad and in an environment that they are not familiar with. Thus teachers have to be flexible, open to unexpected turn of events, roll with unplanned opportunities and be able to answer difficult questions from the students. Next to being flexible about some aspects, they have to be fixed on the fundamentals and underlying targets of the course. 5. Dedication If you love what you do and you have a great passion for teaching, this means you are committed to the achievements of your students. Commitment is an essential element of successful teaching and plays a crucial role in development of the students, especially when you are teaching students who can not speak the English language yet. They won’t need to understand you to see and feel your commitment. Showing commitment to students’ learning can be an important factor in motivating them. Committed teachers are concerned with development of their students and they cultivate students’ curiosity and interest. To Teach the English language successfully, abroad or in your hometown, it requires a couple of personal qualities. It will require a lot of patience and you need to be a great listener to support and engage your students in the classroom. The next quality is to build rapport with your students, this results in a fun and functioning classroom where you can teach effectively. As a teacher you have to be flexible and adaptable in every situation that can occur during a lesson but when you are dedicated and committed to teaching, this won’t be an obstacle.