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I am a Chinese,so all the following will be based on how to teach a chinese young learnners learning English one to one from my personal opinion.Talking about “the summative task should be original and must be your own work”,I think because of the whole human history and literature and experience are there,up to now,technically speaking,especially talking about how to learn or teach a new language ,there is no thoroughly original opinion about it,all the opinion are based on so many others’.My work here about ‘How to teach young learnners one to one’ refers to the lecture of a Chinese educater named CuiXian Yang a lot,I totally agree with her of her opinions on so many topics . Teaching one to one,has a number of advantages both for the teacher and the student,no mixed levels,needs can be clearly defined,developing a close relationship between each other,more flexible schedule,etc. About teaching young learnners one to one,I prefer to return to the methods of learning our mother tongue.When a baby is born,he/she will spend a whole year or a year and a half or even two years in listening to all kinds of expressions of his/her mother tongue.And finally,he/she will speak a word or two,or simple sentences.Then,parents will help them to read all kinds of stories,cartoon books etc.It normally take the children three or more years of listening and reading,then finally comes the writing.In the whole process,the parents usually do not teach the baby about grammar. So,let’s get to the point:How to teach young learnners one to one? 1 Listing and reading come first,after a very long period of listening and reading,the language will come out more naturally. 2 Do not teach Grammar,Grammar is hinding and exiting in every word,every sentence,every artical or story,only when you actually investigate in a particular language,should you need to learn Grammar.Also,usually the student you teach will learn or are learning grammar in school! 3 When it comes to speaking,one should encourage the student to speak boldly,even only one word at a time,do not correct him/her,practice every day,if possible,in this situation,the teacher is actually the student’s Linguistic companion.Then comes the communicative stage,finally comes the fluency. 4 For very young learners,the teacher should company him/her to read the English picture book,maybe the student can not understand and recognize the word,it’ ok,you just point the word for him/her and read it,maybe sometimes let the student repeat the word or short sentense.After a long time learning,if comes the stage that the student could write,then come back to the book again,but this time,it’s about maybe the writing and reciting. 5 For older students,the teacher should teach him/her phonetics,and then let the student practice the listening-writing skill,the teacher pronounce the word,the student write the word,the student may not know the word or the word is actually not has the meaning,it is just invented by the teacher,the student should listen to the sound ,and write the word.Practice the skill often.And with time,when the student come across a new unknown word,he/her can still read it. 6 For older students,have him/her recite the articles or stories,keep the material short,interesting,relevant to the real life,and the material should be authentic,if possible,famous and beautiful sentences. 7 Do not recite words,instead,recite the most commonly and frequently used ‘chunks’in the article. 8 When the student comes across an unknown word in reading a story,one should not look into dictionary frequently,just guess the meaning of the word and go on reading. Above all,having fun in learning a new language.