Teach English in ChuAnshAnping Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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As is known to all, early childhood is a period critical to language development, since it is the moment when kids develop their intellectual capabilities. Therefore, it’s essential to study how to effectively teach kids English in kindergartens. Kids need a relaxing and pleasant environment while learning a new language (English). At the same time it’s better to apply flexible and diversified teaching methods so that their interests can be aroused. Otherwise, it may lead to unsatisfactory education outcomes. As teachers we can do a lot to fulfill the goal of teaching kids English effectively in kindergartens. First of all, to arouse young children’s interest in English. Before teaching kids the language, we teachers have to prepare teaching realia such as props, flashcards, videos, etc. By using interesting realia we can give a proper introduction, which is helpful to deliver an activate part. During the practising part, we can make kids interested in studying via a wide range of games. In most cases kids are willing to learn by games. For instance, we show kids a football while teaching them the word “football”. Kids will definitely memorize it better as soon as they see and touch the ball. Then we can arrange a shooting game to motivate them to produce the word or related sentences better. Next, to rationalize and diversify teaching methods, which can be achieved by many ways. Firstly, we can create an appropriate teaching environment. For example, to play bilingual cartoons on the screen when kids come in and out of the classroom. Young kids love imitating what they see in the cartoons. They will be glad to imitate English after watching bilingual cartoons. What’s more, we can set up an English performance area in kindergartens. Role play allows kids to learn new language in a dynamic way. For instance, to create a scene of shopping in a supermarket where kids play as shop assistants and customers. Such a living scene is able to promote kids’ English learning. Secondly, we can utilize a variety of games. As mentioned in the former paragraph, games attract kids’ attention well. In the teaching progress, as teachers we must adapt our games to what is taught in class so as to help kids produce English better. Thirdly, to use storytelling. Every kid loves stories. If we combine a story with key learning points of the day, kids will have a huge passion to learn, instead of being distracted easily. Though storytelling is a desirable method for teaching kids, teachers are required to prepare lessons creatively and meticulously. In all, when we create an English environment, using a variety of interesting games and preparing a story that contains key contents will bring about a more intriguing class. In addition, teachers should be inspected and receive more training to improve their teaching ability. Regular training helps stimulate teachers’ creativity for teaching and establish a teachers team with higher qualification so that teachers can complete teaching goals better and teach kids English more effectively in kindergartens. In conclusion, we can do a lot to teach kids English effectively in kindergartens.