Teach English in DongshAn Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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The role of the teacher in people lives is Immense . It is the teacher that provides with knowledge, the teacher not only teaches different subjects, but also takes care of Its students mental state, helps them to reveal hidden talents, allows students to be individual, and helps them in every way. The profession of a teacher is complex, because it requires dedication, self-development, sociability and most importantly, probably, love for children and a desire to give them knowledge, to help on the difficult path of growing up. Having such qualities, the teacher will become an example for children, they will strives for knowledge, knowledge of the world. From an early age, a person learns to know the world around him. And in order to understand, realize and live in it correctly, he needs smart and understanding people who completely give their skill, diligence and care. They must guide the little man on the right path, they must help him not to get lost on the roads of life, they must educate him. These are precisely the kind of people teachers are. The profession of a teacher is one of the most important in the modern world. After all, the teacher is the main, key figure in society. It is from the teacher, his personality, that the upbringing and education of children depends, which means the future of the whole country. Not surprisingly, at all times, prominent figures in education highly valued the role of teachers in society. A modern teacher is a person devoted to his work and to his students. Teachers should disclose the best qualities inherent in the child’s soul, encourage them to enjoy the acquired knowledge, create success situations, and teach them to be a good person and a citizen of their country. The teacher of the modern school performs various functions: it is a source of knowledge for students during lessons, classes , consultations, and outside the educational process; provides life protection and health promotion for children; performs a managerial function, organizes the educational activities of students. The teacher needs to choose a teaching method that organizes the educational activities of students, a method that creates the conditions for achieving desired results. One of the important components of the teacher’s work is communication. The teacher should be able to create a atmosphere for psychological development of the student’s personality. A teacher who knows how to create a quiet working environment, an atmosphere of respect, organize interesting activities for children is preferable to a teacher whose students know all the rules and laws, but whose students are overloaded, constrained, have low self-esteem. The modern world is constantly changing ; today it is more difficult to raise children than yesterday. Life has become hard, a lot of information has appeared and technology has changed values. Therefore, the role of the teacher in human life is growing tremendously. Thanks to teachers in our world there are a huge number of smart, kind, talented people. Many thanks to such great teachers. As the proses of the formation of a free, smart, fair, hardworking person is very complex process the should value the immense job of teacher .