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Parents are the first teachers in every children’s life. Parental involvement is an exceedingly high-ranking influence for a child to do well in school. They lead them to a life full of knowledge. Being a tiny child, parents show how to become independent, how to be grown as a big polite and well-educated human. At an early age, they are taught the way using the spoon, saying simple words and phrases, walking, counting and so on. These achievements are due to the parents' hard work. Good parents sacrifice their needs for giving the best education to their children each time. They have to work all day long or more - all night to have the possibility to give their children everything they need and want. Sometimes, they can't spend a huge amount of time to educate the child properly. But having the opportunity to earn money and hire babysitters or governess, they invest in a child's education. We can say that that the passive role of parenting, notwithstanding they are willing to spend money on it. In my opinion, it is not that bad. The worse things are if they don't want to do anything, for example, help kids in studying or don't want to pay money for education. After all, low-income parents had to drop out of their study, while high-income parents have high levels of educational attainment. I think nobody is perfect and everybody has the opportunity to become a really good parent. If the parents are not well educated they could still prove to be good teachers for their children. Sometimes it can take time to find out what is right and what is wrong in educating your own child. To raise well behaved and responsible children, they ought to be willing to invest an appreciable quantity of time, strength and patience. It is good to have a stable balance between work and educated kids. Also, parents are great role models for their children as kids always try copying and be like them. So, fathers and mothers must have strict rules of their behavior and mind their language. It should be always reasonable to teach children at young age basic household tasks such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, are all meaningful activities that reinforce children’s desire to go on to learn new things. The best way of teaching those things to them is to involve them in the process. We should start doing them together, showing the example. In order to help children to take over in the modern world, children need to go through school life. Many of the studies show that the most important time to get involved is when children are at the elementary level of schooling. It is necessary to give children this opportunity to find the right ways to mastering future professions. Furthermore, staying in touch with their peers helps adaptation in the social world. They should go through their ups and downs in friendship. Unconscious kids make friends every day and also quit any relationship with them so quickly. Unfortunately, parents can not help them to choose the right friend. However, giving their own example of friendship, parents are able to show the instance of suitable behavior and supportive manners, which are not studied at school. In the adolescence period, when children listen to their parents any more, they do not take any advice- parents must stay supportive and patient. It takes some time to get through that and have the most experienced child back. As children get older, parents should continue to be involved in their schoolwork and ensure that they are engaged in their education. It’s also important that children enjoy the learning process. If the kid is not happy in school, parents ought to consider online studying or learning. It doesn’t leave the opportunity to control the child’s studying process. It is difficult to figure out what role parents play in their children’s education. We don't have the exact answer, but it is obvious that this role is enormous. Parents, who think that education must be provided only in educational establishments, make a big mistake. Parents must take part in their children’s lives, only then they will do well at school and develop as worthy personalities.