Teach English in Gongtian Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Having attended school in Venezuela it was common to be taught several foreign languages like French, Italian and English for tourism purposes, during the process of learning a foreign language, several different written test was administrated in order to gauge progress, thankfully my passion for foreign languages and having a good memory helped me achieve satisfactory results. However, using that language effectively in the real-world was almost impossible in a Spanish country speaker. Although I was exposed to hearing the language through the teacher or conversational clubs, I was discouraged to actually engage in a conversation, my main emphasis was the ability to write and read and not the ability to communicate through speech. I realized that I needed to think in that target foreign language (English) and not to translate every word but allowing myself to learn it as a new language of it all, I also realized that I needed to be brave and practice it with English native speakers regardless the fears of pronunciation and accent I would have. I moved to Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 looking to improve my knowledge of English as a second language, in this English speaking country the dialect is very complex as it is a mix of the British English language with the Caribbean accent, it took me three months to understand and to respond without fear, the experience I gained while trying to understand and communicate was wonderful, it helped me create more positive attitudes and less prejudice towards different people. I worked in many different jobs which allowed me to learn how to respond and to react to different situations and with different people. Gaining experience with local people made me fluent and confident faster while speaking English, it made me understand their culture, principles and morals, their history which also made me appreciate such beautiful countries like Trinidad and Tobago. Learning a new language improved my business skills making me more valuable as an employer for the tourism market, expanded my view of the world, made it easier and more pleasant to travel and explore foreign countries, I became very adventurous. I am now in the United States of America exploring every city, and I feel very confident in speaking English. I have also traveled to England and served as a translator in many tours, I can understand English as a new second language, I speak English every day and simply I can't imagine not being able to speak it. English has become a fixture in my life and lifestyle. What are the benefits of foreign language experience? Having the experience of speaking with people of different cultures, accents, and different attitudes will help you develop better listening skills and memory as well and it will open the door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science making life meaningful and more enjoyable. The more experience obtained the better your English will be. Being bilingual provides a competitive edge in career choices, especially when you are looking to work abroad, learning a new language enhances your opportunities in business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, relationship, etc. The experience is what will make your English skills more authentic.