Teach English in Gupei Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Teaching beginners is quite intimidating for teachers. Especially when the students who only know one language and the teacher does not know anything about their mother tongue, or if you have been tasked to teach more than one language group. It is even more challenging, but at the same time exciting as it will definitely enrich your patience and experience as a teacher. It is quite rewarding afterwards. Good riddance, modern technology has revolutionized our world and made the people lives easier and better. It is faster and easier access to gather information by using internet. The teachers can now provide instantly, any materials and resources that are natural and fun not only for young learners, but also for adult students. Resources nowadays are free and quite accessible at any time, especially for beginner teachers. There are many ways for teaching English to beginner levels to help the teacher succeed in putting the students securely on the direction to making the learners proficient in whatever language the students are learning. First of all, when teaching English in particular, the teacher should always be polite and must treat the students with respect at all times. Making use of the expressions thank you, please, etc. Explain the lessons or activities to the students as simple and understandable or as clear as possible, to the beginners and young learners to the most part. Teachers need to establish a good rapport with the students to be able to have a good learning environment in the classroom, as good ambiance is very important for both teacher and students. And the learners are more likely to be enthusiastic to learn. The teacher must watch his/her body language and be aware of voice and tone. This will help the students to be more comfortable and motivated, basing on my own experience. Now, to give the students a jumpstart, and to prepare them, let the students listen first as they need and want to practice speaking, though it takes a while for someone to adapt to the new word and sound of the language. We must not forget that the students are only beginners. They also need to sufficiently increase their vocabulary words as they go along in the English lessons. Give the students variety of fun vocabulary interactive games and worksheets to help them reinforce students' learning and understanding. All students cannot catch up right away. Then, there’s this look that pretty much looks like a question mark on their face. So, the teacher can’t pressure them into talking before having to practice enough. Beginners mainly, need a lot of practice and repetition, though sometimes it is a case to case basis and It really depends on each individual. In this case, the teachers must be flexible enough and be more well-prepared to keep the class run smoothly and the students to remain engaged. The teacher has to bear in mind that using expressions that is not necessary for the students to learn should be avoided. The key to teaching beginners is to always keep the instructions simple. End.