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I would like to teach in a way that will inspire my students. Teachers can inspire students while still teaching to the assessment. Creativity came to great interest, as I wanted to know how teachers come up with creative ideas, how did they implement this into their planning and what activities and techniques do their use with students. To keep students motivated I wanted to know various activities as changes in activity "restore attention and concentration "Biggs 2007:102 How could I adapt creative techniques in the classroom? Situate new learning within a relevant context that motivates and helps students make connections To promote active learning and engage learners Display enthusiasm for student ideas Consider a range of resource ideas From the creative workshop, there were various methods to embrace such as the use of video in the classroom can offer visual stimulus. The uses of games produce intense involvement, and a quality of concentration no other teaching method can match. Petty (2008:182) Using television game shows as can stimulate ideas for group participation, by using educational questions designed to suit learning objectives. These approaches have high group member involvement while facilitating meaningful and fun learning. "Games will help to develop a range of skills in learners, including team-building, problem-solving and communication skills" Scales 2009:139 Music and images were promoted highly in the skill shop. "Images and metaphors shape our understanding" Caviglioli et al 2002:15. Numerous life skills can be developed by participating in gaming or simulation situations. Students can be introduced to difficult concepts that will be meaningful and understandable when experienced. Problem-solving skills, self-motivation, and self-confidence are enhanced through simulation experiences. Questioning workshop From my micro-teach, I asked question yet failed to expand on the answer given by my fellow peers. Whilst asking the question I was thinking of another question to ask a student and didn’t take much notice of the answer. I found questioning a difficult task and was delighted when I got the option to attend a workshop in regards to questioning. I had no idea what type of questions to ask and how to get a discussion going by asking the group questions. What I wanted to gain a strategy that allowed me to get students to think more about what exactly they were thinking and the concepts behind their argument Petty states questioning is of "paramount importance". The questioning method is to develop genuine understanding. It allows me the teacher In order to enhance these skills in everyday teaching, I will maintain the approaches learnt and adapt my teaching styles to these techniques. Also when I did an introduction activity with my new group I asked students what they expected and the majority said they wanted lessons to be fun and hands-on. Especially on the entry-level and level one student like to learn by doing something rather than traditional teaching methods. I find these are a good way to encourage different types of learning. By allowing students a chance to choose which activities they want to participate in, this way I am treating my learners as adults and giving them the opportunity to take control of their own learning. My next step is to encourage inclusive learning and aim to inspire students. I want all learners to enjoy my lesson and find them useful and fun that will want them to attend my sessions. I mentioned this in my PowerPoint that I will allow students to use their own initiative when on task which allows them to use they imagination and explore context and make their own meaning from it. This will promote students' confidence and future thinking in the topics they are studying rather than the teacher facilitating. Teaching should not be thought of as transmission but as an engagement. Light and Cox (2009:103) What I have learned from the workshops is to modify my learning approach and promote a range of teaching and learning styles that will demonstrate creativity. ALSO: Encourage open-ended questioning Increase use of role-play Experiment Problem-solving To stand back and let students take the lead The opportunity to attend the workshop was a privilege as I have learnt techniques and strategies to overcome my weakness in areas of improvement. I intend to work on these skills and continue researching ways of embracing creativity and questioning in the classroom. I have interoperated this into my learning contract for further development whilst on placement. I have a range of resource ideas and methods of questioning that has given me the confidence to be equipped in my lessons. I have a resource bank where I have ideas of materials, activities and various techniques that involve students to be creative. All resources used should meet the differing need of learners, promote equality, support diversity and contribute to effective learning. Also, use pre-prepared questions. I will use the Socratic questioning method to question as it is at the heart of critical thinking. I feel confident to an extent to use these approaches by modelling the characteristics of a ‘creative spirit’ in my day to day practice