Teach English in JiAngnan Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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A student’s success in learning benefits from the techniques and approaches in a classroom setting implemented by the teacher. This is called classroom management. There are various of strategies but the main highlight is the environment where students are able to achieve. There are different factors that are beneficial to both teachers and students in order to conduct a smooth class, such as setting class instructions, classroom practices, class vicinity, seating arrangement and evaluation. Setting class instructions should be carried out in the beginning of the class. This way, the students will know what to expect in your class. Instructions are to be followed throughout the class; consequences are implemented when violated. Conducting a class directly without instructions may result in a negative classroom environment. Instructions are vital information to follow a step by step procedure in order to achieve a positive classroom environment. This will aid to acquire respect desired in order for students to do their best. Classroom practices is also an important part of a successful classroom management. These practices are to be introduced in the first day of class. Having reliable practices that students are acquainted with will serve to run the class smoothly. This will also help the students focus on their work and then teacher will be competent to apply excellent classroom management. Class vicinity is something that some teachers neglect but, in my experience,, it is something that you should not forget because it serves as an important tool to succeed in managing a class. This is one great implementation for me because as I walk and watch around the class, I can monitor my students and make them feel that they should concentrate during activities in class. This also serves as an encouragement for lower ability students, showing that you are available for them to easily reach out for assistance. Seating arrangement is not something that you can do in the first day of class. Observation and getting to know the students well is the key for this method. A reason should be stated and cleared out to the students before arranging their seats, this way they will come to understand and accept the new setting fairly without any hard feelings. In every implementation of such procedures, there should always be an evaluation. This will work as a guide if you are doing well or need some improvement in defining ways that works best for students. In order to evaluate, you will need feedback which can be done by questionnaires or surveys handed out to students or co-teachers. A self-evaluation should also be done by you, in order for you to examine your strengths and weaknesses. Overall, the combination of the stated strategies are successes to a positive classroom environment. The implementation should carry all the above methods, if one is not implemented carefully then it may lead to a mismanagement of the class. We all should always remember that our experiences are great ways to evaluate and improve ourselves in order to become proficient in certain fields, most specially a positive, secure and encouraging classroom environment for students.