Teach English in JiAyi Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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The games provide teachers to make their lessons more effective and enjoyable for the students. Teachers are aware of that students can only focus on the lessons if the subject is interesting. Meanwile they can make their lesson more understandable. Learning with games enchances the students’ achievements. That’s why teachers should know that games are very effective tools for learning. Teachers should realize that games can develop the various skills-speaking-writing-listening-reading. Through games, students can learn the language without feeling stress. They communicate to their friends, they practice the vocabulary and they use the grammar without afraid of making a mistake. All these things keep students engage in learning. The games are mostly used for young learners in kindergarten or primary schools, but they should be used in all ages because if someone learns something new, they feel stressful, tha games make that lesson more interesting and fun so the learners can feel relax. When they are motivated, they can participate lessons more so the games should be preferred to use in any level. Using games is one way to make the subjects clear and fun. If the learners have a chance to play a game in their classes, they feel motivated. If they have a struggle to learn, they can feel encouraged. It shouldn’t be thought that the games should be played only in break times. Teachers plan their lessons for fourty minutes and students cannot focus on the lesson if they do not have something make the lesson more exciting. The games enable students to figure out the subject well. The learners need games, teachers plan their lessons according to the students’ needs. Teachers should never forget that students have fun while learning. Teachers should find the right time to play games in class, so they should pay attention to the mood of the students. When they sense that the students cannot concentrate on the lesson anymore and feel tired or bored, teachers can announce the beginning of the game to change the atmosphere of the class. The classes are always in the control of the teachers who know to keep the students motivated. That’s why teachers can change the students’ unmotivated feelings with a play. Games improve both the students’ and teachers creativity. While playing, students start to think sensible and creative. The games also encouarage the students to attend the lesson. Even if the students are not active during the lesson, they become more energetic when the games start. Because everyone likes playing games. Teachers can also use it for classroom management. In the beginning of the lesson, they can say the students, if everyone attends to the activities, they can play games in last 10 minutes of the lesson. This also gives a chance a teacher to make her/his lesson active. On the other hand, they make teachers more creative, too. While planning a game, teachers improve their visions. Including games into the plans make the lessons more attractive. But on the other hand the games should be instructive, too. Teachers should determine the purpose of the game while writing their plans. Because the games support the subject that teachers study in their classes. They can develop students’ learning skills and help students gain self-confidence. They also affect friendship relationship positively. If the teachers prefer the pair work or group works, students talk to each other and find the strategies together, all these things affect their friendships positively. Teachers should consider the level of the students choosing the games. In kindergarten, the students are so energetic, teachers can select the action games for those kids. In primary, students like being active too. In secondary, they become introverted, group workd can be effective with them. In high school, students are aware of their abilities and they can create games themselves if teachers guide them. Teachers cannot use the same game in each level, first they should find the need of the students. If teacher choose a very basic game for adults, they can feel bored. The games should be attractive for the students, they should be excited to play, then they work. Education is the part of our lives, so why we don't make our lives better.