Teach English in Jinfengqiao Guanlichu - Yueyang Shi

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Very often teachers think it’s just obvious that people should learn English without really trying to understand the exact reasons. Teachers mostly see students when they come to their classes and usually their communication ends when the class is over, each of them going back to their own living environments. There is a lot more going on in there than one might think. English classes can affect the students lives in many ways and of course it can influence their career, future or current. First of all English classes add to one’s skills set. Multiple language skills are appreciated by many employers and since English is an international language, used in many trades around the world, one will stand up among competitors if his CV features English in skills category. Sometimes it’s even a definite condition to be considered for a job. Thinking about our own experience at younger age, many people are often confused why do they have to learn so many subjects at school like biology, mathematics or English, doubting they will ever use this knowledge. They indeed might not use it in such a direct relationship but it doesn’t mean it is useless. Yes, one might need some of the subjects for their future job but it’s not necessarily the main aim of that broad spectrum of knowledge. The way we think and assimilate theory is different when we learn animals’ abilities, or when we try to figure out mathematical equations or write an essay. Our brain works in many ways in every class. So can one say it is bad for us to try developing it in as many ways as possible? Of course not. We should train our brain in different directions, the more the better. Learning languages and English in particular is not an exception. So by learning English one becomes more cultivated and that is obviously a plus for the career. By learning English one broadens his/her horizons, expands possibilities and his mind. There are suddenly more sources of information available and information is power. Some of that is kept away from you by that language barrier. One would be able to to do a research and look for materials that are essential for any job. Of course one needs to know where to look for information, how to access it and how to use it, but we can all agree that English resources carry much more valuable knowledge than many other languages. It can be very helpful for one’s career. One of the very obvious ways English can influence one’s career is that knowing English there are less geographical borders. It becomes possible to get more opportunities for finding a job abroad or getting one in an international company, as well as making it possible to get valuable connections in a corporate world. The last thing I wanted to mention is that learning English improves decisions making skill which is very crucial when it comes to building a career. People that are multilingual are used to making decisions fast. When you speak a language different from your mother tongue you’re in a constant process of making decisions. According to many sources people who mastered English are proficient multi-taskers and make fewer errors while juggling various activities. English can influence one’s future in many possible ways. It is definitely a valuable skill and it helps to develop your brain in a new direction. It unlocks sources of information. It dissolves the language barrier for one’s career and destroys geographical borders. It helps to improve decision making.