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Best ideas for circle time First of all, let’s gave a definition – what is it circle time. Circle time is when kids sit in a circle around the teacher to prepare for the day ahead. Usually, circle time starts with a good morning song and attendance. It is also a great way for the children to memorize each other’s names and get to know each other, sort of informal introduction about each and everyone in the class. Why it’s important part of the lesson? One of the most important benefits which circle time gives – it’s an opportunity to children to socialize with their classmates and at the same time, a way for them to be comfortable with their peers. Moreover, it teach the student rules of the discipline and engage them to the lesson. Schedule of the day is another pit stop in morning circle time. It is when the teacher and the children unfold the activities of the day. It’s another way to tell them “when we finish our tasks for the day, we will all go home”. It helps them enjoy the activities more when they feel secure about that last part of the day. Common rules for the circle time There are some basic rules, which the teacher should follow: - Arrange sitting in a circle shape, either on the floor or on chairs - Choose a warm-up activity to relax the children to open and close sessions. - Every children should be an equal part of the group where each one’s thoughts, ideas and conversations matter and are respected. - Make sure you have a good circle and everyone can see you. - Hands up or Thumbs up if they want to speak Which activities are suitable for circle time? Circle time activities can be divided into 3 groups – warm-up activities, story activities and movement activities. Warm up Simply put, this is a time to make each child feel important and valued. This can be done through a welcome song, talking about who is at school and so on. This time conveys to each child that this is your class, and we are so happy to have you as a part of it! Song on this stage can include some movements, for example play with them a Simon says game. Or if you want to review some previous material and use a flashcards - ask children to clap their hands or jump out a specified number rather than having them simply respond to a flashcard. Another way to add movements to the flash card activity - instead of having children shout out a color they see on a flashcard, have the children take turns finding something that is the correct color around your classroom to show their friends. Stories Stories bring the elements of literacy, creativity, and listening skills. For effecting usage the teacher should bear in mind the following: - Choose a story that will appeal to your audience and suit the children' s attention span. - Choose a book with bright and large illustrations - Provide an alternate activity for those who lose interest. - Choose books that invite participation though repeated verses or rhymes. - Start by grabbing their attention with "magic story dust" or a calming fingerplay. - Ask questions to set the stage for listening. For example," What do you think will happen to Miffy mouse?" - Be flexible. Skip or alter parts of a book as the needs of your young listeners' dictate. - Try asking the children to predict what will happen next. Movements activities Circle time games can be used for introducing plans for the day, discussing important matters or simply as a good old-fashioned morning energy booster. It’s also a great tool for reinforcing the sense of community and improving social skills within your group. Below I would like to write a short list of my favorite top 3 movements activities for circle time 1. Dance Freeze - Play some music or sing a song. Everyone dances willy nilly. Suddenly, stop the song, but don't sing to the end of a verse, that is too predictable. Everyone must freeze in their position. Is one leg up? Are they doing the worm? If they move, they must sit frozen in that spot, criss-cross applesauce and wait to see who can freeze the longest. No blinking or twitching allowed. 2. Pass the Movement – is based on the telephone game, but instead of words the students should pass a movement. Usually we start with something rather easy like crossing arms and let the movement travel around the circle. Then we make it a bit more difficult and not only remember the previous movement but also add their own and create a sequence. 3. Color hunt. This game is a good opportunity to practice turn taking and attention skills. Each kid in the circle spin the arrow on the colorful circle(like a Twister circle) and find something in the room that matches the color it shows. The items should not be repeated so that the little players focus when others take their turns.