Teach English in Matang Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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After taking this course, I realize that the role of a teacher has dramatically changed since I was a student fifty years ago. It has evolved from teacher-centered activities to student-centered activities. Lecturing has been replaced by a desire to make students feel motivated about participating in their education. I think that motivation is the major factor in a student’s willingness to work hard and succeed. I think the ESA technique offers an excellent methodology for motivating students because it is student-oriented and offers diversity. Adding fun activities during the Engage and Activate phases helps students stay interested and involved and makes the classroom a friendly place for everyone. Students who think school is fun will be more motivated to work than those who see it as a chore. In addition, a student cannot be motivated if they are intimidated or uncomfortable. The Engage stage helps students acclimate and feel comfortable. If a student feels uncomfortable or intimidated, they will be less likely to learn and succeed. The suggestion to have students work in groups during the Activate stage is also a good way to motivate students. I think that it is a beneficial diversion from working alone and that students enjoy working on problems and projects with other students. The interaction in a group also increases communication and use of the English language. In addition, the interchange allows students to motivate each other to work and succeed. The diversity created by implementing the three ESA methods pretty much ensures that the learning activities during a class won’t be repetitious or predictable. Variety helps a student to stay focused and motivated. A student cannot be motivated if they are bored. However, the success of the ESA methodology or any other technique depends on the teacher. I feel that the teacher is the biggest influence in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to motivation, learning and success. A teacher must be positive and supportive and employ positive reinforcements rather than threats and intimidation. Negative feedback, threats and a negative environment destroy motivation. She must define clear objectives so that the students know what they are working toward. When students feel that the teacher believes in their abilities and they are clearly aware of where their learning is headed, they are more likely to stay motivated to learn and more willing and enthusiastic about doing the work to reach the goal. The teacher should be enthusiastic and excited about teaching. With that attitude, students will be more likely to be excited about learning. She should get to know her students. Their interests can be incorporated into the class work and course material to keep the class more interesting. Students are more wiling to learn if they have an interest in the material and can relate to it. She should demonstrate that she cares about them and their success and that she respects their efforts and abilities. She should show a positive reaction to their efforts instead of criticizing them. Students are much more likely to stay motivated if they receive positive feedback from a person who knows and respects them. The teacher must also work to earn the students’ respect. Lack of respect for a teacher can create an atmosphere of indifference, boredom and contempt that would destroy motivation.