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A global language can be defined as a language that is spoken and used internationally among different countries or organizations in different areas for multiple purposes. Nowadays, English is the most widely used language in the whole world in different crucial areas such as science and commerce as well as being the official language of the most reputable and influential international organizations like United Nations, World Trade Committee and the European committee. English is considered the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish, however, it is most used language globally due a number of factors such as the past historical factor, like British empire spread all over the world. The most important recent factors are; first off, the simplicity of the English grammar components and the two other current factors such as the dominant of English in science field and commerce as world language also known as Lingua Franca. English has become the world language of the modern era without doubt, due to three main current factors; namely, its grammar simplicity, its dominance in science and commerce field. Firstly, English grammar is easier in comparison with other difficult languages such as German or Chinese, which have more complicated spelling and pronunciation system. Chinese, for instance, has no tense and lacks prepositions, articles and conjunction. Moreover, the Chinese writing system is difficult to grasp since it’s concept based which make it less effective for internationally communication, even though it is spoken by billions of people, since the majority of L2 speakers would find it difficult to express meanings correctly with mutual understanding. Similarly, the Chinese and German language can be regarded as tonal ones that would limits L2 leaners ability to express the meaning directly without efforts of extra tonal articulation. Additionally, another advantage of English language is the writing system is completely based on the Roman alphabets which are used widely all around the world in modern ear, even though, in non-native countries like Vietnam and Turkey and, of course, in European countries which has the Roman alphabet system despite the fact that each European language has its own different origin. On the other hand, there are some issues regarding ESL teaching since the English language has difficult aspect which is irregularity that most L2 leaners find it hard to grasp as well as letter-sound contradictions. Secondly, the strong dominance of English in key fields of science which makes English a priority aim of the majority of public schools globally. As a result, it is today the most foreign language being taught at schools as second language. Scientific research nowadays are mainly done in English language, as it was the case in the ancient era with Latin and Greek before when they were dominant scientifically at the time. Today, the most famous credible scientific magazines and journals as well as the leading scientific institutions publish their works in English language. Furthermore, almost all the new coined terms in the field of technology, computers, space industry and world wide web, and so on , are writing in English. Moreover, there is another key factor that plays a great roles in this dominance is the growing influence of the US on the fields of inventions and technology. A number of well known American companies and institutions maintain this excellence of English language in the modern era scientifically such as Silicon valley, Apple, NASA and the innovative technological legend Microsoft, which is the superior leading one without doubt in computer and software industry. As a result, to excel in this field a good proficiency in English is a must. Therefore, finding a job within this field is not measured merely by diplomas but a good commend of English would be great asset for job seekers in this field. On the other hand, getting an admission to the most credible reputable universities around the world in terms of recognized diplomas and excelling in scientific research, requires a good command of English that can be proven by external exams such as IETLS or TOEFL. Thirdly, the English is largely used in the fields of commerce in all its types and areas by far including global trade, cinema, magazines, films and music. English language is heavily used these fields nowadays as a mean for effective communication and trade exchange between countries and international organizations such as World Trade Committee, Common wealth organization and European Union trade department. As for pop-culture, centers like Hollywood are well known all around the world by its professional American film industry, which has contributed to the spread of English worldwide. Additionally, the Grammy Awards, that held each year in the US and watched by million around the world are broadcasted in English, is a great evidence of the English superiority in the field of music industry. As result, singing in English is a primary aim and regarded a doorstep for every new talented singers who want to achieve global success and fame. Furthermore, the most famous authors that have managed to achieve global success and sales, are publishing their works in English or have them translate into it, although, the translation can be a little bit a betray to the meaning. That’s why a good proficiency of it is a key asset for all authors for international spread. Non-native authors like Joseph Conrad and Vladimir Nobokov wouldn’t have reached that global success without mastering English language. To sum up, English language is the most used language in our today modern world and its users are increasing internationally due to the fact of importance and large number people who speak it as the second language as well as its simplicity. Therefore, English is the most taught language in schools as second language, in addition to its excellence and dominance in most extremely important areas such as commerce, science as well as being the language of communication for the all reputable international institutions and organizations.