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In today's world, parents are very much interested in having their children acquire the English language skills as early as possible because they see the demand of the globalizing world context and contemporary trends where English language is arguably the leading and most dominantly used language in almost all spheres of life in the world. Its global power in job opportunities, uses in businesses, diplomacy, the need for further studies, the increasing need of international companies needing English speakers, a better chance of being hired, among others have triggered parents around the world to take a more pivotal role in English language acquisition for their children at the very young age. In the following paragraphs below, this essay seeks to look at the different ways in which parents can help students to learn English. To begin, parents should encourage their children in the aspect of reading as it is the most effective way of learning English language. This is because reading goes a long way to improve their vocabulary, grammar and the meaning of the context. This is possible through the buying of simple, good and interesting English books with captivating stories or plays. Secondly, parents should encourage their children to watch English movies, dramas and news. With this, children can learn the different accents of people speaking the English language, which helps them in learning the language. In another way, making the whole entertainment stuff a fun show will go a long way to enhance the English language learning process of the children. They get expose to sounds and pronunciation of different words and how suitable to use words in different occasion with another person. Another way parents help their children learn English is by engaging them in home craft work using English language such as, baking things, cutting, painting which is a very good aspect of using English to complete the task or activities which use short sentence phrases like; Can you paint a picture?, Thank you, among others. Again, parents should make sure all the technological gadgets they have in the home such as phone, iPad, TV, play station, are operated using English language. Using language tone operational systems to start and close these items such as password, log-on, press, choose, game over. other fun learning apps from apple store or google play store should also be install for more enhancement. In addition to the above, it should be noted that children turn to copy what ever they see their parents doing. Since they are the the closest to their children, it is necessary for the parents to learn the English language themselves as this will also motivate their children to have that passion to learn English. Also findings have shown that children naturally learn almost everything around them without permission or intervention from any adult. By implication, parents should always engage the children to play in English. They can introduce games that revolves around the language such as hide and seek. However, such a regular activity at home will help children greatly to acquire more skills in learning English. Parents should keep the habit of singing songs together with their children in English. Unlike listening true a gadget like phone, singing with them gives a natural flavor as they get involve directly thereby learning a great deal of intonations. Parents are responsible to provide their children with the necessary materials for studies and also providing them enough resting time and food. They should actively get involve in their assignments which gives the children more confidence in their learning process. Parents should not criticize every mistake but focus on the achievements. This is really important because criticizing children is enough reason to make them to want to stop completely. TO conclude, learning English can be very complex, therefore, putting pressure on children will instead delay their learning of the language. Parents should stick to the approach of consistent engagement and being supportive. In this way, it will make the learning process more relax for the children to learn gradually. Putting them in English language schools is very paramount but they need maximum exposure to the language in order to facilitate their learning process and of which they can most get it with their parents.