Teach English in ShAxi Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Songs and chants are a useful tool when trying to teach children or young learners vocabulary and listening skills within a lesson. It is also important to understand that for different age groups there will need to be different methods used when introducing songs or chants. It can be very important to consider what age levels you are teaching in order for the songs and chants to be effective within a lesson. Firstly, for beginner or starter age groups it is vital to start songs at an age appropriate Leve. By doing this we are ensuring that the songs cannot be complex and difficult to understand .In order to achieve the objective of our lesson for beginners the song or chant needs to be simple, clear and have either a meaning or be rhythmic enough for the students to follow and participate in or sing along. The teacher would also have to consider carefully the necessary use of the song, such as if it is needed to help beginners in initiation or perhaps to learn different adjectives or verbs. Secondly, the teacher also needs to evaluate how successful or fun the song will be for the students to take interest and thus to learn the objective of the lesson. For example, when learning colors it can be appropriate to start a certain chant for the colors of choice and to make sure the chant is interesting and fun. This than allows for the use of learning the vocabulary, adjectives and even the writing and listening skills needed for the chants. Thirdly for younger learners it may not be wise to necessarily start with songs and chants but instead have them collect their favorite western songs and to write out the lyrics they are most comfortable with. This allows us to establish an age barrier as not cause embarrassment or upset within the lesson but to also allow for the learning of writing skills and the use of complex vocabulary as it is an older age group. We need to make sure that age suitable songs are also used with no extra coarse language. Therefore, a teacher must also monitor what songs are being chosen not only for unexpected surprises but to also consider what exactly the lesson should be created for. For example, when choosing songs, perhaps to select motivational songs they can pick from so the students can learn inspirational phrases or words. As such a prior lesson plan is important for song and chats but for young learners to be able to have the choice in their own songs or to perhaps even write their own lyrics and be able to perform for the class, can create an appropriate learning environment therefore allowing the young learners to participate willingly and happily within the lesson. In conclusion it is my opinion the songs and chants in the classroom can be effective and useful but there needs to be a clear well thought out selection in choice of song or even the intended use so that it is effective in the lesson.