Teach English in Taolinsi Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Online education and education technology advances are changing the way education reaches different areas of the world, as well as changing the way students are learning. In particular, online education is allowing more and more students around the world to become more proficient in the English language, which is facilitated by the easily accessible online ESL resources, as well as more native tutors that can be reached through online platforms. A good example of online education of ESL is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta is an online platform that can be accessed through a student’s computer or phone, allowing the student to learn English whenever, wherever they want. If this student is really motivated and excited, this can be a really useful tool, however, the student will need motivation to study to proficiency with this tool. If the student needs more a human touch and motivation to learn the english language, online education also allows you to schedule lessons with online, private tutors, who can properly guide the student in their ESL journey. Even though I think a student needs to have live interactions with native speakers in order to properly learn the English language, online tools can be a great stepping stone to get the students acquainted with the grammar rules and English vocabulary. Not only can this be useful for beginner students, but also for more advanced students who know the grammar rules very well, but just need to increase their vocabulary wordbank, to become more proficient and have more complex conversations. Many of these online tools are more comprehensive than textbook because they often use audio recognition technology, which allows the students to speak into the microphone and get immediate feedback on their pronunciation. Furthermore, these online tools allows the ESL material to remain fresh in their minds, since they can easily review the material on their computers at home, or even on their phones if they are on the road. Not only can online education technology provide good software learning tools, but it can also bring native ESL educators, with a wide variety of experience, and allow the student to learn from them no matter where they are in the world. I think this is one of the most beneficial aspects of current online education. There has always been a discrepancy between social classes, which determined who can or can’t afford to travel abroad, which also determined who got the best quality education. Online education has the power to break down these social class barriers and allow students of all social classes to receive the best education around the world. We are still a far way from education equality, given that some of these online education platforms are still very expensive and unreachable for many low class families around the world, however, as internet access and technology continues to advance, the prices of these tools will consequently decrease and become more accessible. Thus far, I think we need to focus our resources on the advancement of these education technology tools to increase the accessibility of the platform for all students.