Teach English in Wanyu Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Establishing rapport is an important aspect of teaching. A good rapport between teacher and students can help to create a positive learning environment. If students feel comfortable amongst each other and with their teacher, then motivation for learning can be high. The ultimate goal for a teacher is to see their students succeed in the learning process. Whether in a classroom, online, or through one on one tutoring it is important to establish rapport during the first few lessons and to continue to improve teacher-student relations. When a teacher enters into a new classroom it is important to know if the students are a new group, or an existing group. If the students are a new group then playing games, such as pass the ball, are ways to get introductory conversations started. It is also important to be involved as the teacher, so the students can understand your personality and interests as well. A teacher should feel approachable and be motivated to teach with a positive, professional attitude to create great rapport. Students entering into a classroom may have a number of reasons for being unmotivated in learning a new subject, such as English as a second language. Depending on the skill level of the student, age range, or other life situations, such as work, may affect motivation. It is, therefore, important for a teacher to take all of these things into consideration when lesson planning. The teacher needs to create rapport that can help each student in the learning process. A good teacher will want students to succeed as best as they can. Therefore, continued rapport is important to provide the students with feedback. It is important not to be too harsh or mean when speaking to a student about their progress. If a teacher were to make a student feel bad then the student may be reluctant to speak in class, or put in any effort. Great rapport can help a student understand their shortcomings, while still trying to praise and motivate them to learn English. It is important to establish rapport in any teaching or tutoring setting. A teacher in a classroom will have to deal with many students at once. A smaller, more intimate classroom may be easier for the students to get to know each other and the teacher quicker. For a large classroom, more helpful teaching tools may be needed to create rapport. For example, incorporating the use of social media may be a helpful tool to create rapport both in and out of the classroom. A teacher could create a class Facebook page where students can interact freely, practice their English, and help one another over difficult topics. Teaching individual students, whether online or in person, creating rapport is just as important as in a classroom. Teaching or tutoring an individual student can be a much more intimate setting. Teaching an individual student in person requires the student to trust and have confidence in the teacher’s abilities. The lessons are more personal, and a student would recognize quickly if the teacher didn’t have motivation or create motivation in the student to learn. When teaching online, a teacher may need to appear especially enthusiastic since an introduction via webcam can feel less personal. If a new teacher decides to enter into the workforce, it is important that they understand the subject they are teaching, as well as how to teach. A teacher must consider a number of aspects when it comes to teaching. A few things a teacher needs to consider include how to create lesson plans, how to manage students, and how to create a good rapport. If a teacher does not understand how to create a good rapport with students then the learning process will be difficult for both teacher and students alike.