Teach English in XiAngbin Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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China This is how I started my China journey. English came naturally for me, even though it isn’t my native language and nobody in my family knows it, I learned it young, before even starting school. I learned it while listening to my older sister studying it. In school English was my best and favorite subject. So naturally after finishing high school, I would’ve gone to study English at college, but me being an inquisitive person and adventurer, after finishing high school, I chose to skip college part and start working immediately. Working as a salesperson in a clothing store definitely wasn’t job for me. Therefore two weeks after finding a teaching job, exactly on my 21st birthday I landed in Shanghai. Still remember my first day in the training center. I came to meet everybody, I was scared and insecure if I can do this. A lot of things were going on my mind, but more than two years down the road China and my workplace feels like home. I established great relationship with my coworkers, both Chinese and foreigners. We support and help each other, share ideas and exchange materials. In every class foreign teachers have teaching assistant. They are Chinese teachers who help us communicating with students, making lesson plans,… Simply working together in making our classes better. While working with them I have learned a lot, my English may be better but their help made me a better teacher. Being a very creative person making materials is one of my favorite things. I’m always up for searching for new materials, printing, cutting, coloring,… Laminating flash cards is my favorite. Christmas time is time when I can explode with ideas for decorating classrooms.Having a software and course books makes lesson planning easier, but I’m always trying to add something else in lessons according to students level.Using authentic material can help expand their knowledge and views. Although can be challenging, personally I feel more comfortable teaching small kids, as you can be silly while still teaching them. Small kids come with no pre exciting knowledge, so it’s on us, teachers, to teach them everything. Because of their short attention and still not having much behavior knowledge establishing rules with them can be hard but I realize the best way is through showing them and rewarding them with stickers, as they love them. Trying to be their mentor and have professional relationship with them, it feels nice to see them comfortable around me, enjoying or wanting my involvement in activities.I enjoy their company and love to chat with them or give them hugs before or after classes. Usually I choose less older groups, but actually my favorite group is a group of 10 years old kids. Having class with them is such an enjoyment, because they are smart, interested in learning and extremely funny. They always come prepared for class, having reviewed stuff from class before, cheerful, not being embarrassed to dance during warm ups or really commit themselves during roll plays. Having show classes with their parents can also be very interesting. As I worked with kids before a little, I knew I like it, but coming here and doing this job made sure of it, so it’s nice that I can combine my love towards English and kids. I think learning is extremely important and we should all strive for always improving ourselves, that’s why I’m eager to learn more about teaching and language, hope to improve more and more and do this job better and better. Teaching here in China really changed me, helped me grow and it’s one of my best decisions I’ve ever made.