Teach English in Yanglousi Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Anyone can earn a certification or diploma in English and become a teacher. But those teachers that possess qualities of patience, kindness, organization, preparation and enthusiasm, stand above the others. I believe any teacher that possesses these will have a successful teaching career. Students are in a vulnerable position. They are usually out of their comfort zones and hesitant to speak freely in the language they are learning, especially if they are learning with their peers. They tend to be embarrassed at their failure to speak correctly. Patience can encourage them to try harder and encourage them to stick with it. This quality is important because it can put the student at ease. The student understands that they are important enough for the teacher to keep working with them until they fully grasp the language. Having a lack of patience, can stifle their learning, motivation and curb their self confidence. This leads me to the second character quality important for English teachers, which is kindness. Kindness and patience really go hand and hand. It is hard to do one without the other. Kindness begets a certain tone projected onto the student. It shows the student that they are respected and cared for by the teacher. It keeps the class in a positive atmosphere. Without kindness, the student can feel belittled and discouraged. Patience and kindness are important character qualities to have as an English teacher but there are also some fundamental skills needed to do the job well. It is important to be organized and prepared with set objectives, goals and the plan to reach these goals. When a teacher has thought through the course material adapting it to the culture, age and level, including any anticipated problems, the class runs smoothly, most of the time. There are those days when things do not go as planned. This should also be part of the teacher’s planning in order to have some options handy, if the day or students are unruly. I believe it is important to like what you do. If you don’t, it will show in your presentation. It will lack enthusiasm. This is another key quality to have as a teacher. I have learned a couple of languages under the influence of a monotone teacher. It is not easy to come to class, let alone be motivated to learn the language. It makes a big difference if the teacher is lively and interested in the students and their learning. The students are more engaged. The classroom will have more interaction. This approach can also defuse any uneasy feelings the students might have. If the teacher is more enthusiastic, the students are more willing to try. In an environment where students are reluctant to speak out of their comfort zones, patience and kindness can encourage them to do so. When the lesson plan has been carefully organized and structured with consideration to the students country of origin and level of learning; it will yield the best results. Having enthusiasm will change the dynamic of the classroom. When the teacher enjoys teaching, the student will enjoy learning. These qualities are important to possess for English teachers.