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The English language is undoubtedly an international and universal language. It is the world's second largest native language and the official language in 70 countries. One of the reasons for its dominant position is the economic and political importance of some of the English speaking countries. It was the British imperial power that sent English around the world but it has been the American Economy and cultural supremacy that has consolidated the position of the English Language. English can be at least understood almost everywhere and it is the world media language, the language of cinema, TV and the computer world. About 400 million of people speak it as a second language, and there are many who are learning it. It is estimated that almost 80 percent of the English speakers in the world are non-native speakers. It’s fundamental in every aspect of our lives and many are the factors that make English a global language. For example: It is the language by preference in the economic field, Foreign Trade, Tourism, Diplomacy and many others. In this globalized world we live in, is the tool that allow us to communicate with people from around the world. It is By International Law, the official language of maritime and aerial communications worldwide. Also the language of the United Nations and of the international sports organizations, including The Olympic Committee. It is the unofficial language of the Internet: there are billions of websites in the Internet nowadays and more than half of the material is published in English. We not only use the internet at work or at school but also for entertainment and about 40 million of internet users communicate in English among themselves. In other words, English is necessary for living on the internet. About the 70 percent of the books all over the world are written in English. In the academy field, it is a crucial tool for success. Learning English is not a luxury anymore but a need.English language learning has become one of the top priorities of many countries in the process of globalization. ASEAN countries have been also involved in this process as well as other regions like Latin America. For ASEAN countries community, English language is considered to be one of the most important working skills, as language is a fundamental part of workers’ human capital. Since the demand for English has been growing so strong, the ASEAN member countries should prepare their citizens to improve both professional skills and English language skills for the changing situations and new challenges of the ASEAN Community. In Latin America the language acquisition is increasingly being seen as a skill for personal as well as national development. Governments are implementing English language policies focused on building the proficiency of the population in part to boost a country's competitiveness in a globally integrated marketplace. Many Latin American countries are united in their efforts to improve the English language levels of their overall populations. The richness of its vocabulary, the simplicity of its grammar compare to most languages and its flexibility makes it a very appealing and accessible language. The globalization of English is a unique phenomenon that hasn’t got historical precedents.It is believed that for these and some other reasons, English will remain as a lingua franca.