Teach English in Yuehuagongkuangqu - Yueyang Shi

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Teaching EFL in a kindergarten. The role of a kindergarten teacher is a very challenging yet highly rewarding. This is usually the first time that children have left the safety, comfort and familiarity of their own home and families, and it is often the first time that they have direct and ragular contact with a language that is completely foreign to them. This new environment needs to ensure that the children are completely at ease and ready to begin their language learning journey. Many kindergarten teachers have made the miracle of learning language possible with their efforts, extra hours, smiles, care and numerous other positive features of their teaching. Teacher make a huge impact on a childrens learning, and providing an encouraging a supportive environment is provided the language learning journey will begin in a positive manner. At this early stage in a children's schooling it's essential that the teacher is caring kind and warm nature, ensuring these tiny children feel safe, happy and at ease. Teaching EFL in kindergarten is much more than teaching colours and singing songs, it also includes the challenging task of gaining a childrens attention. It is very difficult to gain and hold a childrens attention for long, so through planning, fun activities and endless energy are vital for a teacher to hold a captive and interactive audience. They have a very limited attention span, unless activities are extremely engaging they can easily get bored, losing interest after ten minutes. With young children it is best to plan short bursts of themed activity using a variety of teaching materials. The same theme, for example colors, can be tought in numer ways. There are pictures books felt story boards, coloring activities singing songs with actions and so on. As the children are constantly processing from the language one into language two, it is essential for this constant reinforcement of subject matter to accur. Children enter kindergarten as kinaesthetic and tactual learners, moving and touching everything as they learn. Activities need to keep children interactive and interest if the subject matter is to be absorbed. Keepi task fun and enjoyable will be rewarding for both child and teacher alike. Although kindergarten pupils are primarily kinaesthetic learners, teaching should incorporate other learning styles into their teaching methods. Children have strengths and weaknesses in different areas, so it is essential that each child style is met. It is through play that much of a childrens learning is achieved. The physical, socio emotional and intellectual development of children is dependent on activity. Therefore opportunity for play is a key aspect of the kindergarten programme. Teaching EFL at kindergarten level, could be a daunting prospect some individuals. However, with thorough preparation of a variety of fun and interactive activities, this could develop into a highly rewarding career. Having fun while learning, is very important to adults, so it is highly essential in the language learning of kindergarten age children. Kindergarten Learn fast through experience and that reference is what I as a teacher focus on for them to remember the keywords in English. Having English as a foreign language to them makes it more difficult to check their understanding, that's why it is very important to demonstrate and show them what something is for them to understand it better without utilising to help teacher. In conclusion I would like to say that teaching kids makes you feel that young and free. You get to learn a lot of things from the kids that you can't get through teaching adults. All the hard work pays off as you get hugs, kisses, smiles and other signs of appreciation from them. Truly, teaching is a rewarding job that cannot be replaced.