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Classroom management can be defined as the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive,on task and academically productive during a class. Or in simple words, we can simply say Classroom management is a key element to establishing a successful learning environment in any classroom. In my opinion, an effective classroom management and organization during the first few weeks of class are crucial in determining expectations, behavior patterns, and procedures that will set the tone for the rest of the year. An effective classroom management plan creates and inviting environment in which all students have the opportunity to engage in a learning experience which includes both socially acceptable behavior and content core material.Once these techniques are properly executed, they tend to facilitate the teaching and learning process of both the students and the teacher. These skills and techniques are used by teachers to make students sit on their seats, follow directions, listen attentively and safe time while learning etc. From my title ' How To Manage A Classroom', we are expected to look at the ways 'techniques' or' methods' on how to to successfully achieve and organized classroom. To be able to facilitate and or improve students learning, teachers will need to take into consideration; Behavior, environment, expectations, materials and activities. These points shall be discussed below individually. To begin with,the behavior of the teacher is a very important point because this helps in creating rapport with the students which will run through out the entire academic year. A teacher should always have a positive attitude which tends to motivate the students, happy facial expressions(smiling), gestures, encouraging statements which will help the students want to improve, the respectful and fair treatment of students. For example not having preferences in class a teacher should learn the names of all students. This creates a warm, active and friendly atmosphere ,etc. this will make the students feel comfortable enough to learn. Secondly,the environment also plays a vital role in learning. A good teacher should be able to make the environment conducive enough for learning. For example, a welcoming, well lit classroom filled with intellectually stimulating learning materials that is organized to support specific learning activities. A good class sitting arrangement as well that is suitable for the type of lesson to be learned at the moment. Also, the expectations which has to do with the quality of work that teachers expect from their students to produce will greatly depend also on the material or information being given to them by the teacher and how it is being taught. The ways that teachers expect students to behave towards other students will also depend on the rules and regulations set by the teacher in class.Therefore, the agreements that teachers make with students should be taken into consideration when dealing with a classroom management. The material to be used, such as the type of texts, equipment and other learning resources like the board(using the board),flashcards,worksheets, visual aids etc, that the teacher will need should be made readily available and within reach in order to avoid wasting time and making the classroom boring, unexciting and confused. Last but not least, Activities to be carried out in class should be well designed( lesson plan)in such a way that will engage students interest, like warmers, games, stories and songs for example, it should motivate and trigger their passion to learn, and intellectual curiosity. This is because poorly designed or unplanned lessons, uninteresting learning materials, or unclear expectations, for examples could lead to disinterest in students, increased behavioral problems such as no improvement, lack of focus etc and disorganized classes. I will also like to add a few importance of classroom management. -It will increase instructional and learning time for both parties in the classroom. -Classroom management will foster and environment of productivity and community. -Also, it will allow students to become more active participants n their educational outcome. - Increase students achievement. -The teacher gets to gain control of the classroom. Therefore, it can be concluded that an effective classroom management is very important because it facilitates the learning process and teaching as well and there is organization and rules in the classroom as disorder is greatly minimized. And all of this is possible because of a good skill and technique of management by the teacher.