Teach English in Zhihedu Zhen - Yueyang Shi

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Learning materials within a classroom setting are essential because they can significantly improve student achievements by supporting beneficial learning habits. Teaching materials can refer to several different teaching resources that help aid in the student’s advancement in English. There are currently two different types of materials that are available: authentic and created materials. Authentic materials refer to anything the native speaker would hear or read. Examples such as programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, and menus provide students with “real world” examples that help encourage English language skills. In contrast, created materials which are designed by teachers are graded to class level, and can be used to replace or supplement materials from a coursebook. While both types of material help students gain confidence and understanding of the target language, it is important to utilize coursebooks whether it be student/teacher books, videos, cassettes, and workbooks. Each of these examples help provide a balance mixture of grammar, vocab and skills work that aid in the advancement of language. Students often express a “security” feeling when utilizing course material as they provide a structured yet engaging lesson. In addition, teaching materials come in many sizes and shape, but they all have a universal capability to support student learning. Generally, within a classroom setting students are expected to use course material to help aid their learning abilities. Ideally, teaching materials will be tailored based on content and to the student’s general interest. For many, coursebooks alone provide a natural syllabus which is scaled to a level suitable for the students. Coursebooks alone have the ability to show progression and continuity that will help further target language skills. Moreover, Teachers have the flexibility to control and elicit teaching skills based on they type of course material they provide. For example, DVD’s and videos could be displayed to show students relevant or current language examples. Students can visually see and hear the target language being spoken providing them with a realistic model of English language. Furthermore, worksheets can be passed out to help students study the language presented to them. These learning materials are important because they can significantly increase students’ achievements by providing language support. Course materials overall aid in the learning process allowing students to explore their knowledge independently as well as provide a repetition that drills language learning. In addition to supporting learning, these materials can help assist teachers differentiate instruction. A teacher has the flexibility to tailor a lesson to the various learning styles and capabilities within a classroom. Teachers have the option to omit, replace, supplement, and adapt course materials making them grade-specific for a lesson or class. A teacher could pass out worksheets, instruct group activities such as games, or modify assignments to best activate a student learning style. In general, course materials help supplement class activities to help students gain a better knowledge of the target language they are learning. These materials provide a support of resources that help students to gain confidence, offer continuity, and provide advancement of language skills.