Teach English in Baizhai Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I enrolled in this course because I had considered taking a job in an International school based in Fiji, where I currently reside. The job called for a Speech Pathologist, TEFL, or special needs teacher. I thought that a tefl course would help me to better understand the needs of the complex client population at the school. It would also be a great way to revise a lot of my early linguistic training and teaching strategies. In the end I decided not to take the job but I still wanted to do the course. As a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist, this course has been a great revision of grammatical structures and rules for me. I was horrified to discover how much I had actually forgotten. The course is a timely reminder that I need to practice being a ?life-long learner? not just a ?teacher?. It has been interesting to apply my linguistic knowledge to a different population (i.e. non-delayed or impaired). I have been challenged to think of new ways to tackle teaching language structures ? it had been many years since I wrote a lesson plan! I have worked with EFL students in my role as a SLP but now feel that I have a greater understanding of the uniqueness of this population. I also feel like I have found a whole new fleet or resources to add to my therapy collection. I still feel like I need a better understanding of the ?normal? pattern of 2nd language acquisition, especially in children. I would like to delve further into the impact of language disability on the child, or adult, who needs to learn more than 1 language. I think there is great scope for the internet to be used in this field and would like to learn more about the application of web based technology by the EFL teacher. I have probably come away with more questions than answers after doing this course. I know that I have a great deal more learning to do before I could comfortably teach an EFL course ? especially one without a course book. Most importantly, I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the role of the EFL teacher and look forward to having greater contact with them in the future ? in whatever role I may be in.