Teach English in BeishAnkou Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I truly feel that this course is very complete and has given me a great base understanding as to the requirements to teach english as a foreign language. I have gained a better understanding of my personal english grammar skills and overall language knowledge of the english language and the areas that I need to improve upon. I especially enjoyed the unit on introduction to grammar. I am a native english speaker, but I was quite nervous to find out how I would teach foreign students the basic grammar points. I feel that this grammar Unit was presented in such an organized way that it even allowed me as a native english speaker to take away many valuable points and to see grammar mistakes that I make on a daily basis. I am very confident that I will be able to effectively teach english grammar to potential spanish learners with confidence. Also, as I live in spain I feel as though it is important for me to use my english language knowledge to aid native spanish speakers as there is a large demand for native english speakers. I feel that the course units have enlightened me on the types of students that I may encounter in potential classes and what resources I will need in order to be an effective teacher and relate to the students. Before I started the course I was hesitant about taking a ?teaching? course as I have worked primarily in the hospitality industry in supervisory roles. However, after completing all of the units I feel as though many of my leadership skills can definitely be transferred to the classroom. I plan on offering private english classes and build up my resume so that eventually I will be able to give english classes to professionals in spanish businesses. As well, I may venture into the area of translation as there is a great demand for translators in spain.