Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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The course has helped me take a more realistic consideration of differences between the TEFL classroom and english classroom environments. It has made me consider the practical insinuations of the language barriers that I will encounter throughout my time in TEFL. This consideration will ensure that I make full use of visual aids and gestures to get my point across to students, while adapting my language usage to an appropriate level for the students learning. I have also been made to consider that the resources available in areas that I may be teaching may be scarce. I have always enjoyed expressing my creativity by making materials to be used in the classroom and hope that I will continue to have access to resources to be able to do this. I feel that activities and exercises found in course books can often be too boring/repetitive for the students. On entering into a new area of schooling, I again will feel inexperienced to create completely unique resources, practice during lesson planning activities was greatly appreciated. I do look forward to the opportunity to draw ideas from course books and adapt interesting and exciting materials for the students to work with. I have always preferred working in the junior levels of the classroom and am now open to the concept of teaching older students. My preference comes not only from the age of the children but from the mass improvement that you can acknowledge at this level of schooling. Although young minds have an amazing facility to acquire and remember new materials I have considered that beginner/elementary level classes of any age group will demonstrate such an improvement that I am now more willing to teach at any age group. The course strongly made me consider the grammatical aspects that I take for granted in everyday life. It comes naturally to speak in english and form appropriate grammatical structures however the course made me to adapt my thinking to all the rules I once learned. The grammatical units will definitely be of use to me in a practical environment, providing me with the confidence to provide sufficient support for students at higher functioning levels. It has also been of great use for me to have practice in preparing lessons. This is a task that I used to complete on a regular basis and I am pleased for the practice before returning to a classroom environment. Working on these sections of the course has encouraged me to rethink about the progressive nature of language learning and has allowed me to come up with new approaches to keep students involved in lessons. After the planning exercises I have completed I am eager to return to the classroom and put some fresh ideas into practice.