Teach English in Dawei Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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There are many things that I have gained from this course. First, I have been able to pin down various trouble spots that I have had with grammar. I feel much more confident about teaching grammar because I feel I know the answers to many of the questions they may ask. And, if I don?t know the answer, I know where I can find it. This class has shown me some of the hidden pitfalls with this teaching people english. I feel better prepared for them. I have seen (form my experiences) a large variety of styles of teaching for english classes. Some of them were good and some of them were not. This course has helped me see WHY some methods worked better than others. It showed me the importance of keeping the students engaged and excited and it also highlighted the importance of encouraging the students to continually speak in class. I will use these important lessons when I start teaching english again for some of my chinese and spanish friends. Hopefully, in a couple of years my wife and I will travel to Asia again and maybe teach english.