Teach English in Daye Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have learned a great deal in this course. My english grammar was refreshed and sharpened throughout the course. I had some experience in intensive english grammar, but it had been years since I had looked at those texts. This course focused me on the need for a strong grasp of advanced grammar to be a successful ESL teacher. The teaching and lesson planning strategies were the most important and effective part of this course for me. I entered the course with no experience in lesson planning or teaching ESL. I learned different strategies and techniques in teaching. After this course, I feel that lesson planning is essential for success an I feel I have a good comprehension of the activity. I am going to apply many of these concepts in my new career as an ESL teacher. I recently accepted a public school job in Busan, South korea. I will apply the lessons about lesson planning and controlling the classroom the most. The class sizes are usually fairly large, and I will have to make the most of my time with these students to get them to advance in the english language. I will try to use as much visual language as I can and to make it interesting for the low level english learners. This unit on the first class will be immediately helpful and I think it will help relieve some anxiety to have a blueprint for the first day of school. Overall, I found this course intriguing and informative. I am looking forward to my new ESL position and the excitement and challenges that come with it.