Teach English in Dayugou Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I think the most useful thing I have gained is how to plan lessons in order to make them both useful and stimulating. It does take time to prepare for each class and tailor it to the object of the lesson, but I think this will become easier with practice and by planning more than you need, it does mean that you are not stuck for ideas if students work more quickly than you anticipate. The hardest thing I think, will be to make sure that everyone participates equally, but I am aware that for this to happen that I need to create an open and positive atmosphere in class which will encourage people to have a go. I am a student learning french at the moment, so I do have first-hand knowledge of what makes a successful class and what encourages you to learn and develop. I hope that I can transfer this knowledge on to my students and give them the feeling that learning english is enjoyable and stimulating.