Teach English in Donghua Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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TESOL has taught me many useful tools that will greatly benefit me as a teacher. One of the most important things I have learned is how to plan a lesson. Knowing how to plan a lesson will have me prepared for each class I may have and the strategies given to me will aide me to reach all students regardless of the level. The review over grammar and the tenses will also serve me well as the teacher needs to know the material himself in order to be able to teach it effectively to the students. This is also useful in establishing rapport with the students. I have also learned that the optimal classroom atmosphere is that of a relaxed; at ease one free of criticism. The tesol course has also taught me that it will greatly benefit the students if we reduce what is spoken in their native tongue and instead concentrate solely on english. TESOL has also showed me that the testing part is essential in determining where a student is grammatically and what the class as whole may need more help in. I plan to use these component effectively in my future classes. The students will be the focus of all my lessons and I will attempt to incorporate them into each lesson that I plan. All of my lessons will consist of various engage, studying and activate stages and all will be centered on a general, common interest that the class may have. My lessons will also take into account the age of the group and will be defined by the experiences and interest of those groups.