Teach English in Gaocheng Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have acquired the knowledge in the usages of various tense forms as we as the conditions in which we utilize the appropriate forms. Classroom management and seating arrangement were useful to guide me in preparing for a class and how should the class be seated in various activities/ lesson to ensure that lesson delivery achieves its highest efficacy. I have learnt how to formulate a lesson plan, stating the objectives, contents and potential difficulties that may arise in the lesson. I have gained in insight to the vast variety of classroom games and activities that a teacher may use to incorporate in his/her lesson to enhance the atmosphere and learning objectives of the class. Personally, I would use the knowledge I have learnt in TESOL to plan for a lesson using a lesson plan. To deliver grammar/ vocabulary content with the knowledge I have obtained through TESOL, as well as other TESOL recommended english language resources materials to ensure accuracy in content delivery. I will incorporate games and fun in the class with the new teaching ideas and types of classroom games that I have learnt from TESOL. Classroom discipline and management is crucial to ensure effectiveness in lesson delivery. I will use different types of seating arrangements for different types of activity and utilise group work/ pair work whenever possible to stimulate the student?s learning process and confidence level in class.